• TEDxSydney 2017 – “Unconventional”

    Posted on : 21 Jun 2017

    TEDxSydney 2017 - Friday 16th June – “Unconventional” Attending a TEDx event had been at the top of my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Having watched over a hundred TED talks online and now mentally ticking it off my bucket list while walking into the International Convention Centre on the morning of Friday the 16th, I still did not know what to expect from the day ahead. With...

  • Marketing Training Seminar – Key Takeaways

    Posted on : 7 Jun 2017

    As part of our Parity Plus value-add offering to our clients and candidates, it was our great pleasure to host Parity’s 2017 Marketing Training on the 31st of May. Parity partnered with two Marketing and Communication experts, John Joyce and Debbie O’Connor, who brought with them a wealth of knowledge and hands-on marketing experience to lead 2 of our most successful interactive seminars ye...

  • Salary Surveys 2017 – Product Management, Marketing & Communications

    Posted on : 8 May 2017

    As part of our Parity Plus offering we are delighted to announce that the 2017 Product Management, Marketing and Communications Salary Survey has been released!  We believe specialist, market wide information is critical to allow you to attract and retain high quality talent for your organisation. As a specialist recruitment consultancy in the Australian Product, Marketing and Communications m...

  • Be Noticed on LinkedIn!

    Posted on : 27 Apr 2017

    Whether you’re in the market for a job move or not, wouldn’t it be great to hear about the very best opportunities in the market? Often, we get so caught up in our own busyness that we forget that the grass may be greener elsewhere. Moreover, a number of professional development opportunities may be presented to you which have nothing to do with changing jobs.  I was once asked to part...

  • Brainmates Product Training Workshop – Key Takeaways

    Posted on : 11 Apr 2017

    Product Training Workshop – April 2017 Session 1: Addressing the challenges of product road mapping What is a product road map? Common road map features include: Time line Prioritised activities Milestones, marketing goals and a launch. A road map is a tool for thinking and assisting with direction and this is often why a road map with no timelines can be difficult and i...

  • ANZIIF – Rising Stars in Insurance

    Posted on : 21 Mar 2017

    "Building long term career success requires individuals to consider themselves as an entrepreneur and their careers as a start-up" - Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn. I had the opportunity last week to attend the ANZIIF Rising Stars in Insurance seminar in Sydney, where the topics revolved around: Career ownership Developing strong interpersonal skills Leadership Networking Resi...

  • Why I joined Parity – Ai Iwami

    Posted on : 16 Mar 2017

    Ai joined Parity Consulting last year as our Office Administrator, working alongside our Office Manager to help support the Parity team and to ensure our day to day operations run smoothly. Find out more about Ai below! ...

  • The importance of Self Awareness

    Posted on : 10 Mar 2017

    Even with 15 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, I find I’m still learning. The COO of a large insurance company recently gave me a piece of advice which really got me thinking - “Hire based on the candidate’s self-awareness as opposed to skills”.  Adding to this, he noted that his best employees came to their performance appraisals with performance review notes which ...

  • Simon Sinek at the “Start with Why”​ Leadership Forum

    Posted on : 9 Mar 2017

    On the 7th of March, Simon Sinek headlined the “Start with Why” Leadership Forum in Sydney, supported by Peter Docker and presented by The Growth Faculty and sponsors The Australian Institute of Management. The MC for this event was Christine Kininmonth, interviewer for The Growth Faculty and Director of Fertile Mind. Being a huge fan of Simon’s, you could imagine my excitement as I w...

  • 5 great tips for job seekers to keep in mind for the new year

    Posted on : 25 Jan 2017

    The start of the year is a time when people start afresh with a renewed focus and mission. It's a great time to be looking at your priorities and setting new goals. In this article I will be sharing the Top 5 things job seekers should keep in mind at the start of the year to ensure they are prepared for a successful job search. 1.Find a good recruiter that you trust who specialises in your area...

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