• The Demise of the Elevator Pitch?

    Posted on : 13 Sep 2017

    As part of our most recent Parity Plus event – our annual Career Strategy Day, I ran a seminar on how to network purposefully. Together with 17 product, marketing and communications professionals, we discussed the challenges and anxieties which can arise when networking, along with the preparation you can undertake to ensure you get the most value out of your network. To network effectively, ...

  • Career Strategy Day 2017 – Key Takeaways

    Posted on : 7 Sep 2017

    As part of our Parity Plus value-add offering to our clients and candidates, it was our great pleasure to host Parity’s annual Career Strategy Day on the 30th of August. With leading Career Specialists Lucy Singleton, Margot Andersen and Victoria Butt leading the seminars, the feedback from the day has been very positive and once again this event has proved to be one of our most successful and...

  • Marketing Breakfast 2017 – Key Takeaways

    Posted on : 31 Aug 2017

    As part of our Parity Plus value-add offering, we held our annual Marketing breakfast seminar on 22nd August.  Our seminar hosted a panel of industry leaders who spoke about the importance of marketing within a business and how marketing professionals can “get a seat at the table” and be included on advisory or executive leadership teams within the business structure.  The industry panel inc...

  • The Science of Achievement & Confidence – Greta Thomas

    Posted on : 22 Aug 2017

    Last Wednesday I was fortunate enough to attend to an event held by Full Potential Labs where Greta Thomas spoke about “The Science of Achievement & Confidence” as part of Female Entrepreneurs Week. Greta Thomas is a professional ballet dancer (one of the original cast members of CATS), Company Director, Speaker, Leader and Marketing Guru. Greta is passionate about encouraging others to...

  • Smart Women Connect breakfast – “Resilience”

    Posted on : 15 Aug 2017

    On Thursday morning at the offices of law firm Lander & Rogers, I settled into my seat for what was to be my first Smart Women Connect breakfast. The session was based around “resilience”, with Olympian boxer Shelley Watts presenting and speaking. I have found resilience to be a highly topical subject at the moment and I felt it was a great opportunity to hear from such an impressive, youn...

  • Managing your Personal Brand

    Posted on : 4 Jul 2017

    When an individual makes a decision to start looking at new job opportunities, generally the first thing they do is review their resume to ensure it is up to date  with their latest role, experience and skills, followed by reviewing and updating their LinkedIn profiles. As a recruitment consultant, we often use LinkedIn as a tool when head hunting for roles or searching for potential candidate...

  • The importance of deep listening and how to identify the 4 types of poor listening styles

    Posted on : 28 Jun 2017

    With our busy lifestyles, we often find that we have a million and one thoughts running through our minds. How many times have you found yourself in a meeting where you felt your staff were not giving you their full attention, or finding yourself walking away from a meeting where you have not been able to pin point any learnings from it and perhaps even seen it as precious time lost? Deep liste...

  • AIA Vitality 4490 Summit Sydney 2017

    Posted on : 23 Jun 2017

    The AIA brand and vision is something the team at Parity Consulting has always admired and shared a belief in. Over the years, Parity Consulting has formed a great working relationship with AIA Australia, where we have really come to understand the talent and excellence that AIA look for in an employee, which has in turn assisted us in successfully recruiting for their teams in both the Product an...

  • TEDxSydney 2017 – “Unconventional”

    Posted on : 21 Jun 2017

    TEDxSydney 2017 - Friday 16th June – “Unconventional” Attending a TEDx event had been at the top of my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Having watched over a hundred TED talks online and now mentally ticking it off my bucket list while walking into the International Convention Centre on the morning of Friday the 16th, I still did not know what to expect from the day ahead. With...

  • Marketing Training Seminar – Key Takeaways

    Posted on : 7 Jun 2017

    As part of our Parity Plus value-add offering to our clients and candidates, it was our great pleasure to host Parity’s 2017 Marketing Training on the 31st of May. Parity partnered with two Marketing and Communication experts, John Joyce and Debbie O’Connor, who brought with them a wealth of knowledge and hands-on marketing experience to lead 2 of our most successful interactive seminars ye...

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