Parity Thought Talks – Becky

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Rebecca, Parity’s Associate Recruitment Consultant presented the first Parity Thought Talk (PTT). Rebecca is a runner – long distance running is one of her passions and she shared that, “for women, the longer the race, the stronger we get”. According to studies, like the one in 1985 by the journal Nature, they made a bold prediction that by 2000, women will begin to consistently beat men in long-distance running events.

Interestingly, in short distance races like the 100m sprint, the gap in time difference between men and women is quite significant, however in a marathon, that gap tightens, and for ultra-marathons, even more so. Will women one day overtake men in long distance running?

With women often being viewed as the weaker sex both physically and in the workplace, it goes to show that when something is viewed from a different perspective, things are not always as they seem. This particular example, where the gap in time difference between men and women decreases as the running distance increases, shows that the longer and harder women work, the smaller the gap.

Thanks to Rebecca for the great idea of the Parity Thought Talks and for showing us how it’s done!

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