Jodi Garratt

Senior Consultant
Globetrotter & Cheese Lover

Marketing, Communications & Digital

Jodi is a Senior Consultant at Parity, Mother, Fiance, Globetrotter and Cheese Lover.  Her life’s ambition is to travel across the globe and visit as many countries as possible and when not travelling, she is am spending time with her young daughter and family.   Having worked across Australia, Asia, and North America throughout her recruitment career, this varied experience has positively shaped how Jodi approaches her clients, candidates and colleagues.

Finding top talent is what she loves – particularly finding those impossible profiles across Marketing, Communications & Digital.  Jodi enjoys the thrill of chasing quality people and offering them a solution they may not know they want or need yet.

Industries Jodi recruits for include: Wealth Management, Superannuation and Investment Management

Roles Jodi recruits for include: Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Marketing, Head of Digital, Head of Communications, Marketing Manager, Communications Manager, Digital Managers, Investment Communications Managers, Investor Relations, Customer Communications Specialist, Financial Writers, Content Managers, Proposals Managers, Internal Communications Managers, Product Marketing Specialist, Strategic Marketing Manager, Member Marketing Manager

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