• 5 Interview Tips for Time Poor Professionals

    Posted on : 13 Feb 2018

    The person that interviews the best will get the job - FACT! It’s interesting to note that some of the best candidates I have met over the years are quite frankly terrible at interviewing. They spend most of their professional careers exceeding expectations of those around them but when they are then asked to sell themselves, or list their achievements, they simply comment that it was about ‘...

  • 2017 HR Roundtable – Diversity of Thought – Getting the ‘Unconvinced’ Onboard

    Posted on : 13 Nov 2017

    For our last Parity Plus event of the year, Parity Consulting hosted its HR Roundtable event on the 9th November.  This year on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion, we welcomed our speaker for the day Heather Geary, Oceania Diversity & Inclusiveness Leader from EY. Heather has over 10 years’ experience as a D&I practitioner and her key areas of expertise include gender and LGBTI equali...

  • Leading the Product 2017 – Key Highlights

    Posted on : 8 Nov 2017

    Into its third year, Leading the Product is a single day conference for Product Managers, run by Product Managers. Victoria Butt and Alex Macpherson from Parity Consulting attended the Sydney conference held on the 24th of October, where they heard from 11 speakers on various topics such as the Evolution of Product Management in Silicon Valley, Artificial Intelligence and the Psychology for Produc...

  • Workplace Engagement – Building a Happy and Productive Workforce

    Posted on : 2 Nov 2017

    We all know disengaged employees experience more absences, lower retention rates and decreased productivity.  Today, more than ever, business leaders need a competitive advantage to ensure their teams are motivated and happy. Your employees are an important piece in the customer experience puzzle.  Happy and engaged employees who feel valued will result in more satisfied customers, productivi...

  • Taking Control of Your Career – A guide by Parity Consulting

    Posted on : 27 Oct 2017

    As part of our Parity Plus value-add offering to our clients and candidates, we held our annual Career Strategy Day on the 30th of August where we welcomed leading Career Specialists Lucy Singleton, Margot Andersen and Victoria Butt. The days discussions involved ways to position yourself in the best way, understanding the importance of networking and how an up to date LinkedIn profile can assis...

  • Preparing for an Interview – A Guide by Parity Consulting

    Posted on : 5 Oct 2017

    As part of our Parity Plus value-add offering to our clients and candidates, we have put together a comprehensive Interview Guide to assist those who may have an interview coming up, want to brush up on their skills or to understand how to deal with a counter offer. We have put this into a flipbook for some light reading for those looking to start preparing themselves for a change in 2018! Cl...

  • The Demise of the Elevator Pitch?

    Posted on : 13 Sep 2017

    As part of our most recent Parity Plus event – our annual Career Strategy Day, I ran a seminar on how to network purposefully. Together with 17 product, marketing and communications professionals, we discussed the challenges and anxieties which can arise when networking, along with the preparation you can undertake to ensure you get the most value out of your network. To network effectively, ...

  • Career Strategy Day 2017 – Key Takeaways

    Posted on : 7 Sep 2017

    As part of our Parity Plus value-add offering to our clients and candidates, it was our great pleasure to host Parity’s annual Career Strategy Day on the 30th of August. With leading Career Specialists Lucy Singleton, Margot Andersen and Victoria Butt leading the seminars, the feedback from the day has been very positive and once again this event has proved to be one of our most successful and...

  • Marketing Breakfast 2017 – Key Takeaways

    Posted on : 31 Aug 2017

    As part of our Parity Plus value-add offering, we held our annual Marketing breakfast seminar on 22nd August.  Our seminar hosted a panel of industry leaders who spoke about the importance of marketing within a business and how marketing professionals can “get a seat at the table” and be included on advisory or executive leadership teams within the business structure.  The industry panel inc...

  • The Science of Achievement & Confidence – Greta Thomas

    Posted on : 22 Aug 2017

    Last Wednesday I was fortunate enough to attend to an event held by Full Potential Labs where Greta Thomas spoke about “The Science of Achievement & Confidence” as part of Female Entrepreneurs Week. Greta Thomas is a professional ballet dancer (one of the original cast members of CATS), Company Director, Speaker, Leader and Marketing Guru. Greta is passionate about encouraging others to...

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