10 “Get Ready” Tips for an Interview

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Job seekers often focus on ensuring that their CV is well presented and will make an impact – but how often is personal marketing or personal branding considered? According to Elise Mah Chut, Brand Marketing specialist, “you have less than 3 seconds to make a positive first impression”. With only 3 seconds to make a positive, lasting impression, how can you ensure you maximise this opportunity?

Here are Elise’s top 10 tips for getting ready for a job interview:

10 “Get Ready” Tips for an Interview

So you’ve landed an interview for your dream job. Take this checklist and make a great first impression every time with these tips.

It’s one thing to dress professionally; it’s another to dress for the profession. Allow yourself to showcase your personality and align your appearance to the industry you are interviewing for. For example, a graphic designer interviewing for a role at an advertising agency would dress differently to an accountant interviewing for a partner role at a firm.

This might be obvious; however do check that your clothes are wrinkle free. Prepare your clothes the night before the interview, hang it up and make sure you leave enough space either side of the garments to ensure they are not crushed in between other items in your wardrobe.

Give your shoes a quick polish to ensure they are clean and free from scuffing. Also, check to see if your shoes require re-heeling. It shows respect to the person you are meeting with and shows that you care. The level of attention to detail you pay to your presentation is a reflection of the level of care you will provide in your new job.

* Wear appropriate amount of make-up to accentuate
* Clean & file nails, no chipped nail polish
* Have neat & tidy hair. It should be pulled back or if left out, it should frame your face
* Wear antiperspirant deodorant
* Have mints handy before the interview

* Baby wipes to remove make-up and light stains
* Mints and deodorant
* Double sided tape for quick fixes of the dropping hem, or the gape between the buttons on your shirt
* Safety pins for just about anything that requires pulling two bits of fabric together

The neckline of your top or blouse should be at a level showing the appropriate amount of skin or cleavage.

Another consideration is to ensure that your neckline is not too high. What this means is that your neckline should be open enough so you don’t appear closed off to the person you are talking to.

The length of your skirt should be at a respectable length to avoid offending your potential employer.

Ideally, it should sit just above the knee or below. However, this ‘rule’ can sometimes be broken depending on your height, body shape, if you are wearing tights, and depending on the overall outfit.

Wear the right amount of accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings to add to an outfit but not overwhelm it.
Wearing too much jewellery has the potential to distract from your message. Statement jewellery is okay if it adds to an outfit.

The most important colour is the colour you wear around your face.
Wearing the right colours (or amount of the right colours) can brighten your complexion, reduce the appearance of lines and make your overall appearance look refreshed.

10. FIT
Check that your clothes fit properly as you will not be able to change it without tailoring. Some questions to ask yourself:
* Does this item flatter my bodyshape?
* How does it fit across the back?
* Are my pants and sleeves the right length?
* Does the overall outfit look balanced?

When you are presented in the best version of yourself, the way you communicate linguistically, psychologically, and physiologically is a reflection of your inner confidence. In preparation for an interview, have a test run, put on your outfit and stand in front of a mirror.

Does your image speak who you are?


10 get ready tips for an interview