AIA Vitality 4490 Summit Sydney 2017

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The AIA brand and vision is something the team at Parity Consulting has always admired and shared a belief in. Over the years, Parity Consulting has formed a great working relationship with AIA Australia, where we have really come to understand the talent and excellence that AIA look for in an employee, which has in turn assisted us in successfully recruiting for their teams in both the Product and Marketing space. Personally, I feel I identify with AIA Vitality’s vision of health and wellness, so you can imagine my excitement at receiving an invitation to attend AIA’s Vitality 4490 Summit in Sydney last week!

The AIA Vitality 4490 Summit is all about making a change and how small changes can make a big difference. This Summit represents a day of inspiration, discussion and action around the health challenge facing Australians, and how the financial services industry can collaborate to find innovative solutions.

The four pillars of AIA Vitality are:
Eat well – Think well – Move well – Plan well

Knowing and understanding your health is the first step towards improving it. Lack of physical activity, an unhealthy diet, smoking and excess alcohol consumption lead to 90% of deaths in Australia, as well as 63% of deaths worldwide.

The CEO of AIA Australia, Damien Mu opened the summit by announcing a call to action to the audience –

“Unite to champion the cause”

By making your one change, you are contributing to a better and healthier community.

Tennis icon, entrepreneur and Olympian, Venus Williams headlined the Summit and acted as the key note speaker of the day. Venus said that her parents taught her to always believe in herself, be confident and for the times she did not feel that way, to just act like she felt confident and the confidence would then follow. Her parents also taught her to always be polite and always have an answer to a question. The often over used answer of “I don’t know” was not accepted, which encouraged her to think on her feet.

The Corporate Wellness session featured Amy McDonough from Fitbit, with the session opening with the question, “Why do we need wellness at work?”:

  • 70% have low levels of physical activity;


  • 17% missed work because of exhaustion, sleeping in and/or have fallen asleep in the job; and


  • 63% are obese.


When it comes to global workplace wellness, the United States holds the number one ranking, while Australia is ranked 10th in the world. The concept of the fitbit being implemented into a corporate environment, where wearable tech meets wellness, came as an idea when research showed that wearing a fitbit in a corporate environment makes a significant difference – employee health and wellbeing is one of the keys to business success. Another wellness trend proving popular in the corporate environment is the walk and talk meeting.

In order to make wellness work both personally and within a corporate environment, we need to customise and build a culture to support individual and personalised goals. Keeping in mind that each individual and business is different, this can be achieved by maintaining momentum. Communication is key to connect workers, friends and family.

The last session of the day featured an industry panel, with discussions revolving around finding a way of driving positive outcomes and how the financial services industry and its industry leaders can drive this forward.

The panel agreed that we need to come together as a community, especially the Insurance community and its leaders. Some of the things discussed included:

  • Taking advantage of living in a data rich community and the areas we can reach, thanks to this data.


  • There needs to be an incentivised health care system. We focus the talk on health care but we often find it’s actually “sick care”. How do we transform from a “sick care system”, to a “health care system”?


  • Corporate Vitality programs for employees, such as the AIA Vitality initiative where organisations develop and reward their employees by providing benefits and ultimately looking after their wellbeing. AIA believe they need their employees to be energised and healthy to be performing well at work. AIA has stated that there has been a noticeable behavioural shift in employees through this initiative. Ensuring a great work life balance and providing workplace flexibility.


  • “Walk and talk” meetings are on the rise in businesses. Teams getting together and doing fitness and exercise challenges – as a result, talking about it more and doing it more in our workplace. Getting over the challenge of having a tangible benefit for employer and employee, or issuing Fitbit’s to your team members.


As a closing statement, CEO of AIA Australia Damien Mu reminded us that it is all about making that one change! That one change, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, will eventually make a huge difference.

AIA’s vision is to champion Australia and New Zealand to be the healthiest, and one of the most protected nations in the world in terms of health care. Thinking differently and pro-actively about incentivising your employees and educating them about the importance of their health will prove to be a success to your business success overall.