Why you aren’t using your LinkedIn profile to its full potential!

By Posted on : 17 Dec 2018 0 Comments

Christmas break 2018 is fast approaching and our minds are already in holiday-mode, daydreaming about what we will do during our well-earned break when the offices are closed and cocktail glasses and swimmers are out.

For those who fear that they’ll get bored during this time, fear no more. This time of the year is great for reflecting on last year’s career achievements and getting a career action plan together for the new year. Every year is a new beginning with which new opportunities and possibilities may arise – opportunities that you will want to be prepared for when they pop up!

So, let’s talk about your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn was created for connecting, networking and engaging with others in a professional environment. A well-written and up-to-date LinkedIn profile will certainly assist you in finding (and being found!) future opportunities for you; as such you should utilise it in your arsenal of personal branding tools.

The most important thing about LinkedIn, is that you want to be found! Once that Recruiter, Hiring Manager, ex-colleague etc. finds you, you want them to see the best version of you.  So here are a few tips from a Specialist Resourcing Consultant who spends half of her day on LinkedIn:

  • Career Snapshot – Your LinkedIn profile provides more of an overview of your professional career and does not need to be as detailed as your resume, but it does have to be accurate i.e. job titles/roles, companies, dates in particular roles/companies, etc.;
  • Key Responsibilities – Including your key responsibilities and functions under each role will give the reader a better understanding of what you ACTUALLY DO – because we all know a title can mean anything!
  • Highlight your achievements – don’t be afraid to use images, videos and other relevant documents;
  • Your photo – LinkedIn was created for connecting, networking and engaging with others on a professional level; so, ensure the photo you use is appropriate for your role and industry! People prefer to connect with faces, so do make the effort to include a recent photo of yourself that is clear and does not include others in the photo;
  • Connect and engage – Use LinkedIn for the purpose it was created i.e. connect and engage with professionals in your industry and your area/s of expertise and interest. Making connections is a fundamental goal of LinkedIn, as is engaging with like-minded professionals – create a dialogue and show your interest;
  • Recommendations – Recommendations from people you have worked with either in the past or present, can make a positive impact to your online presence. LinkedIn recommendations are structured in such a way that a recommendation must come from someone you are connected to, and have had dealings with (either as a colleague, employee, manager, mentor, etc.). They are viewed similarly to references and are a good indicator of a person’s performance. Endorsements on the other hand give YOU the opportunity to list your skills and YOUR CONNECTIONS the opportunity to endorse you for those skills.
  • Be active – Write and publish articles or blog posts about topics that you have expertise in, or topics you have a particular interest in; join professional groups for networking and engage with others by commenting on articles/posts of interest;
  • Let recruiters know you’re open – Lastly, if you are actively looking for new opportunities you can use turn the “Open Candidate” option on, for better visibility for recruiters.

What about in the New Year when you are returning to work? If you are open to new roles, this is a great time to get in touch with your specialist recruiter – have a conversation around what you are looking for and for your recruiter to fully understand your skill-set. This ensures you get the process started early on, without the danger of not being able to find time, or missing out on those early roles that need to be filled quickly.


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