Managing your Personal Brand

By Posted on : 4 Jul 2017 0 Comments

When an individual makes a decision to start looking at new job opportunities, generally the first thing they do is review their resume to ensure it is up to date  with their latest role, experience and skills, followed by reviewing and updating their LinkedIn profiles.

As a recruitment consultant, we often use LinkedIn as a tool when head hunting for roles or searching for potential candidates. Keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date and active will assist in increasing your chances of being noticed and picked up on a search.

We encourage people to think about both their resume and LinkedIn as their personal brand, and like any branding campaign, these need to be managed and carefully considered as they play an important role in building your personal brand. Keep all information such as job titles, role responsibilities and duration of employment accurate to avoid any confusion or issues down the line.

Who are you targeting?

Whether it be in an interview, a job application or your public profile such as your LinkedIn page, always remember to keep in mind who you are targeting. For example, when you are applying for a role suited to you with a focus on investments, you should always tailor your resume to suit the role you are applying for.  Focus on highlighting any investments experience you have, and speak to your strengths in this area in an interview.

What do you want your resume to reflect?

Is there a specific area of work you would like to highlight or bring to the attention of the reader? Ensure that you include a short summary at the start of your resume to highlight any key points, achievements or strengths you may want the reader to know about you.

What do you want your LinkedIn profile to reflect?

A LinkedIn profile with a profile picture has been proven to be viewed 14 times more than a profile without a picture. As LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, ensure your profile picture is a professional photo.


The importance of successfully managing your personal brand and ensuring you are presenting the best version of yourself is integral for your career progression. If you feel I can assist you in progressing your career, please contact me on +61 410 001 819 or send me an email and don’t forget to have a look at my current vacancies!