Marketing Seminar 2015 Key Takeaways – Building Powerful Brands

By Posted on : 20 Nov 2015

Parity Consulting were proud to present their first ever Annual Marketing Seminar in October 2015 – “Building Powerful Brands from the ‘Inside Out'”, presented by Antony Wilson – Head of Brand at TAL Life.

Fantastic presentation and discussion – here are the key highlights from the morning:

Marketing Seminar

Building Powerful Brands from the ‘Inside Out’

Presented by Antony Wilson – Head of Brand at TAL Life

What makes a strong brand?

  • Perceptions and impressions are key in driving a brand – from the customer all the way up to the CEO;
  • Innovation – brands must continue to change, disrupt their space and innovate! Challenge the status quo with a clearly articulated customer value proposition (CVP):
    • If brands and companies cease to innovate, they become irrelevant – brands must differentiate themselves from their competitors to stand out in the market.
    • Financial services are one of the last industries to be truly disrupted – great opportunity!
  • ‘Magic moments’ – when you achieve customer satisfaction & buy-in – ie building brand loyalty -if the brand is to grow, everyone must deliver on the moments that matter. In fact, everyone must over-deliver!
    • Must ask yourself – what are the moments that matter for your business?
  • Execute consistently a powerful and differentiated proposition from the inside out.


Building a Brand from the Inside Out

  • The people behind the brand ARE the brand –
    • Brand authenticity – everyone behind the brand must get behind it, embrace the culture – eg Apple, Westpac, Disney
  • If the brand is to live, everyone must live the brand. Like the Genius staff in the Apple store or the Rolls-Royce shop floor workers, everyone must willingly embrace a brand’s culture or values.
  • Before launching a new brand, the internal structure and buy-in must be established. This involves training and acceptance on all levels within an organisation – from lower level up to the CEO.
    • Brand buy-in across all levels is essential, as is leadership support if the brand is to be a success. This is an essential step in the process and cannot be overlooked or rushed.
    • There is a temptation from senior levels of management/executives to launch brands before internal training and buy-in has been fully achieved – premature launching of brands can ultimately lead to the failure of the brand.


Building the Brand at TAL:

  • How are these principals being applied at TAL?
    • Continuing to innovate and disrupt the business, whilst ensuring the culture of the business is on board and reflective of what the business is doing;
    • Creating meaningful partnerships – both internally and externally;
      • Broken down the barriers between Marketing and HR – working hand in hand to engage staff and build brand acceptance.
    • Living TAL – asking employees to define the experience they want to feel (and have customers feel);
    • Setting up the vision – who do they want to be as a brand;
    • Workshops for all levels and all areas of the business (including GM’s and leadership teams);
    • Engage staff in building fun elements of the brand so that they feel ownership and contribution (photo competitions, polo shirt designs, brand ambassadors). In TAL this has created huge brand engagement and helped brand pride as they feel ownership and part of the journey.
  • Who else is doing well in Australia?
    • Westpac – have overtaken CBA in customer satisfaction ratings; have just hired a Chief Customer Officer from Disney.
    • Very few brands are achieving benchmarks in Australia – globally, Uber, Glassdoor, Job Advisor, Apple

“You can design and create the most wonderful place in the world.  But it takes people to make dreams a reality.” – Walt Disney


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