Marketing Training 2016 – Key Takeaways

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As part of our Parity Plus value-add offering to our clients and candidates, it was our great pleasure to host Parity’s 1st round of Marketing Training Seminars.  3 interactive seminars, led by market leaders – Kelly Slessor, Dr. Emily Verstege and Debbie O’Connor.

As promised, below are the links to the key takeaways from each workshop.  It would be great to hear your feedback on the training.

Workshop 1: Creating Engagement in a Digital World – Kelly Slessor

Digital Engagement Workshop – Key Seminar Takeaways

Kelly Slessor is a Digital Strategist specialising in mobile marketing with 17 years’ experience working with larger organisations such as British Telecom, Westfield, Gluestore, Woolworths, Fairfax, Big W, Suncorp, Lend Lease as well as SME’s. Kelly has spent her career understanding consumer behaviour, simplifying technology and designing the future based on insights and research. Kelly is the founder and managing director of BanterMob.

Workshop 2: Measuring ROI and the User Experience – Dr. Emily Verstege

Measuring ROI and the User Experience – Key Seminar Takeaways

Emily is an internationally published research academic, public policy analyst and entrepreneur who works at the intersection of business and technology. Emily draws on her skills as a quantitative data analyst and social researcher to help organisations maximise efficiencies and return by integrating the right technology at the right time, without disruption to the business.

Workshop 3: Building Business through Brand – Debbie O’Connor

Building Business through Brand – Key Seminar Takeaways

Debbie O’Connor is a brand consultant, the creator of Brand Personalities and en-caustics fanatic. She is the founder of multi award winning creative studio White River Design (WRD) and Western Sydney’s most awarded co-working venue, The Creative Fringe. Debbie’s passion has always been in branding and packaging. With design experience that covers three continents, Debbie brings a diverse range of skills to the business. She is renowned for her strategic thinking and is a sought after consultant to businesses needing assistance with their branding.