Product Manager Training – 19th September 2018

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As part of Parity Consulting’s Parity Plus offering, we will be hosting a second series of Product Manager training in September due to the overwhelming response we received for our first series earlier this year! In March we held our first much anticipated Product Manager Training where we held 3 separate sessions throughout the day which focused on the tools and insights to elevate your knowledge and career in Product Management. Join us on the 19th September to hear from 3 key industry leaders!


Session 1: How to drive results through a compelling Business Case (8.00am – 9.30am)

Venke Rajendram, Senior Product Manager at AMP Capital.

Business cases are one of the key documents utilised by businesses to make strategic decisions but not all business case are approved for a variety of reasons.  The session aims to provide you with the everyday skills required to create an effective business case. It will work through the critical components of an effective business case and practical guidance on how to increase the probability of it being approved.


Session 2: Product Management – More than one link in a chain (11.30am – 1.00pm)

Annette Torrington, Director at Platinum Warranty (Ex Head of Product, Group Insurance at MetLife)

Insurance product management can often be a back-office function, focussing on policy terms, PDS’s and system changes. In this session we will look at why it is critical for product management to be across the insurance process from beginning to end and the importance of having an understanding of many areas of the business. We will look at processes and ways to avoid common pitfalls. We will discuss how you can change the way your organisation “does” product so that the product management function is embedded in the entire process from beginning to end.


Session 3: How Product Managers can effectively use Customer Centered Design (3.30pm – 5.00pm)

Todd Alcock, Senior Consultant at MLC (Ex Head of Product and Executive Manager)

Banking & Financial Services companies are increasingly looking at customer-centred design approach to build products and services that meet the needs and desires of customers – putting the customer at the centre of everything.  Product Managers can use principles of customer centred design to re-imagine, re-design, or create new products and services that will shape better outcomes for customers and their organisation, proving that customer centric design should be the heart of each company’s innovation practices. In this session we will discuss the principle of customer centric design, review real world examples of where customer centric design has been applied along with the results and work with some of the principles in a practical and interactive session.


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