Salary Surveys 2018 – Product Management, Marketing & Communications

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As recruitment experts in the Australian Product, Marketing, Communications and Digital market, Parity Consulting is committed to providing accurate statistical information to both our clients and applicants.

Salary surveys within the Product Management market have rarely been conducted to date and as a solution to the queries Parity receive in this regard, we felt it was important to collate and distribute this data to our business community.

Our first Salary Survey in Product Management took place in 2013 and in 2016 we published our first Marketing and Communications Salary Survey.

Our questions this year in 2018 not only revolve around salaries and bonuses but focus on experience, skills, D&I, predictions and personal brand to name a few! 

Download your very own copy of these surveys here:

2018 Product Management Salary Survey

2018 Marketing & Communications Salary Survey

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