Smart Women Connect breakfast – “Resilience”

By Posted on : 15 Aug 2017 0 Comments

On Thursday morning at the offices of law firm Lander & Rogers, I settled into my seat for what was to be my first Smart Women Connect breakfast. The session was based around “resilience”, with Olympian boxer Shelley Watts presenting and speaking. I have found resilience to be a highly topical subject at the moment and I felt it was a great opportunity to hear from such an impressive, young and successful individual on the resilience it takes to be an elite athlete and how that resilience can then translate into the corporate setting.

Shelley’s presentation was authentic and incredibly relatable to working in a corporate environment. I especially loved that I found myself relating to it on a personal level, running a small business while juggling family commitments.

Shelley spoke about what it takes to be a successful athlete and the 6 points she always keeps in mind;

1. Hard work and persistence;

2. Dedication and determination;

3. Respect – not only for yourself, but for your coach, peers and trainees;

4. Willingness to push yourself;

5. Willingness to be yourself;

6. Ability to be realistic – about your goal, path and expectations.

She regaled us with stories of fight fixing, injuries, financial constraints, more injuries, boxing politics and the self-belief she required to continue getting up and striving to reach and achieve new heights and goals.

Shelley shared some advice with the audience:

1. Stay motivated – feed the positivity;

2. Self-belief – nobody else will believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself;

3. Create a vision board and quote board – remind yourself why you do what you do;

4. Gratitude – write down what you are grateful for every day;

5. Daily ‘to do’ list.

Resilience is a muscle which will get better with exercise!

Shelley then referenced a quote by Goi Nasu: “An entire sea of water cannot sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you”.

Walking out of this morning’s Smart Women Connect event, I was reminded that nothing is really permanent. If ever you allow a situation to beat you, whether it be for an hour or for a day, always remember that the situation and environment around you will continuously change and that nothing is guaranteed for any length of time. Keep in mind that when things do not go to plan, you have full control of your own response and actions to help turn a situation around, and ensure a positive always comes out of a negative.

Thank you Smart Women Connect and Shelley Watts for such an inspirational morning. It was a great way to start my Thursday morning with new found positivity!