Staying motivated with your job search

By Posted on : 14 Dec 2016 0 Comments


Looking for work can be a frustrating experience for many and with the end of the year fast approaching, it can be a stressful few weeks before ultimately landing your next role. The stress of finding a job can sometimes bring out the worst in people – you may find yourself pressing send on an unusually direct email; voicing your frustrations in emails; behaving erratically, declining motivation or perhaps you find yourself pushing for answers more frequently than you typically would. My advice to you is to keep your long term goal in mind, whilst keeping active and positive.

My top 2 tips for job hunters are:

1. Stay centred and organised:
By doing this, you are ensuring your potential employer is seeing your best side, every time. Stay organised by using a spreadsheet to keep on top of essential information such as when and where you sent your CV’s, conversations you may have had and appropriate times for following up. Being organised will also boost your confidence levels and the feeling of being in control.

2. Don’t feel the need to park your job search until 2017:
To those who feel the job market slows down towards the end of the year and only picks up in late January, this is definitely not the case. There are still many opportunities out in the market – in fact here at Parity we are all hands on deck and expect to be busy right up until the 23rd when we break for the holiday season. Have a look at our Vacancies page where we post new jobs regularly, or alternatively drop us a line on +61 2 8068 2016 to see if we have anything in the pipeline that may interest you.

Stay motivated, be organised and keep yourself positive!