Workplace Engagement – Building a Happy and Productive Workforce

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We all know disengaged employees experience more absences, lower retention rates and decreased productivity.  Today, more than ever, business leaders need a competitive advantage to ensure their teams are motivated and happy.

Your employees are an important piece in the customer experience puzzle.  Happy and engaged employees who feel valued will result in more satisfied customers, productivity and sales.

Creating truly effective engagement strategies is no easy task.  Any initiative needs to consider the unique needs and motivations of the individual.  As recruitment professionals, we are meeting disengaged people every day, so we understand many of the drivers that can impact workplace satisfaction.

Empower Employees

Empowered employees are happier employees.  Just because you have been doing something one way your whole career, doesn’t mean there aren’t better ways to accomplish it.  Encourage employees to share creative business solutions.  Communicate your vision and demonstrate your trust in them to carry it out.  Get to know your team at a personal level to show you care about them as human beings.  Encourage self-improvement and if possible, support continuing education.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Consider offering telecommuting or flex-place options, part time employment, flexible leave, job sharing, career breaks and phased retirement.  You will attract and retain talented employees who want or need access to such arrangements, and build a culture that demonstrates that it values the different needs of each employee.

Provide Opportunities for Growth

Career development is a vital part of employee engagement.  Build a road map to success together, to help them work towards achievable goals.  Many employees will look elsewhere if their desire to climb the ladder isn’t addressed.

Authentic Leadership

An authentic relationship between employees and management builds comradery and trust.  Being self-aware and genuine in your dealings, while retaining a focus on driving results will inspire your team to greater heights.  Communicating in a direct manner is critical to success, however when it is done with empathy, it will lead to greater levels of trust between you and your team.

Final Thought

A company’s most important asset is its people.  Without the right people, your organisation will not achieve long term success.  When employees are deeply, satisfyingly engaged in their work, you will maximise an organisation’s true potential.


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