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Salary Guide & Predictions FY2023-24-x

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Discover the latest salary data, trends, and predictions for the Australian employment markets with our highly anticipated FY2023/24 Salary Guide. At Parity, we believe in empowering professionals like you to see beyond the numbers and unlock the true potential of your career and that of your teams. We are proud to share the results and insights with our communities across Asset & Wealth Management, Insurance, Banking, Payments, Digital, FinTech, and SaaS.

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Our Guides reflect the data collected from over 6,000 participants in our Salary Surveys in:

– Product Management & Product Development,
– Marketing, Communications & Digital, and
– Data & Analytics.

In the Guides, you’ll discover the realities of today's job market:

– Salary & Bonus Trends,
– Employee and Employer workplace sentiments, and
– How to navigate the employment market in the next 12 months.

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