Taking Control of your Career - a Guide by Parity Consulting

26 October 2017 Victoria Butt

Taking Control Of Career

As part of our Parity Plus value-add offering to our clients and candidates, we hold an annual Career Strategy Day – partnering with leading Career Specialists including:

  • Lucy Singleton – Personal Branding Specialist of Your Spark

  • Margot Andersen – Owner and Director of talentinsight

  • Victoria Butt – Managing Director of Parity Consulting


Our Career Strategy Days involve workshops aimed at strategically taking control of your career – including such topics as positioning yourself in the best way, understanding the importance of networking and how an up-to-date LinkedIn profile can assist in you being noticed.

We have compiled the key takeaways from these annual sessions and created a flipbook – essential readin​g for those looking to prepare themselves for a change! Click below to view our guide in full!

View here - Taking Control of your Career - a guide by Parity Consulting