Product Manager Training 2018 - Key Takeaways

19 September 2018 Adam Lee

Product Mgt Training 2018

​As part of Parity Consulting’s Parity Plus offering, we are dedicated to assist in the development and elevation of our product communities and as a part of this, we recently held a repeat event for our Product Manager Training where we held 3 separate sessions throughout the day which focused on the tools and insights to elevate your knowledge and career in Product Management.

Click through below to read our takeaways from the day!


Session 1: How to drive results through a compelling Business Case, presented by Venke Rajendram, Senior Product Manager at AMP Capital.


Session 2: Product Management – More than one link in a chain, presented by Annette Torrington, Director at Platinum Warranty (Ex Head of Product, Group Insurance at MetLife)


Session 3: How Product Managers can effectively use Customer Centered Design, presented by Todd Alcock, Senior Consultant at MLC (Ex Head of Product and Executive Manager)


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