Mindfulness activities and coping strategies in ambiguous and anxious times

28 March 2020 Skye Griffiths

Mindfullness Activities

​The unknown…. Who really sits comfortably in the uncomfortable at any time? That’s easy, no one does.

Why? Quite simply, it doesn’t feel good. Unless they know some strategies and coping mechanisms.

Here are some points to keep on hand when anxiety arises:

  •  Take a deep breath – The first thing to do when you feel anxious is to breathe. Deep diaphragmatic breathing is a powerful anxiety reducing technique. Continuing to breathe like this for 5-10 breaths will significantly slow down the ‘fight or flight response’ and reduce the cortisol in your body.

  • Acknowledge how you feel – Accept that you feel anxious or uncomfortable – recognising this is part of the process. Be okay with saying this out loud, recognise that you are a human and that nothing is permanent.

  • Consider how you are speaking to yourself – Tell yourself you are not your words. If you ask yourself a question, answer it. So, if you are asking yourself ‘what happens if I lose my job?’, answer it with “I will have solutions and I will be ok”. If you tie yourself up in knots it will not help you, just make you feel worse – answer all of your ‘what if’ questions.

  • Use a positive visualisation – (something that makes you happy) – Imagine a beach, a holiday memory, watch floating clouding clouds in the sky or watch the waves play at the shore; something that encourages you to recall positive memories and shifts your mind from negative to positive.

  • Create positive notes around your home – Write up positive affirmations and place them around the house in easily recognised places – in the bathroom, on your wall, on the fridge. This will further encourage you to keep a more positive mindset.

  • Stay active – Don’t sit at home and dwell on your thoughts. Get outside, move, call a friend and go for a walk, stay busy.

Skye is a Specialist Consultant at Parity Consulting, working across the Banking, Insurance and Payment sectors in Marketing, Communications and Digital. In her spare time, she runs a national corporate wellness business called Skye Lifestyle. Yoga keeps her grounded and her genuine passion for people is one of her greatest skills. A sushi lover, Skye is our Resident Wellness Guru.

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