Working from Home Soon to be Revolutionised?

16 March 2020 Adam Lee

Workin Home Revolutionised Adam

​Hasn’t the world just taken a wild spin in the past few weeks?! We’ve gone from bulk buying toilet paper, tissues and hand sanitiser to now, due to increasing demands to work from home, we are running out of monitors too! But there are some big pluses to come out of this, which for the long term we as a professional community will benefit from.

Staying connected at home

This is our big test as a nation to say with real confidence that we can support remote working for all individuals. This is the perfect opportunity for people out there, who may not have the “normal” requirements to request working from home, i.e. children, caring for a loved one, geographical location, etc. This is your chance to show how productive you can be, as a full-time employee to say, “Hey, I can do this” and here is the main reason… technology. We have multiple platforms out there to use, whether it is Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and many more. We can stay connected with everyone we work with. We have our emails on the go, we are able to maintain functionality outside of the office and this should be embraced, not feared! The one thing that is going to make it work or let it fail, is you. So take your chance, and embrace the flexibility you have your fingertips!

Market Intel

Things have not slowed down. There are still roles out there. At this very moment of writing this blog, we are organising interviews, we are video chatting with clients about what they need in their teams. The world isn’t going to stop unless we let it. So don’t be afraid, people, don’t be afraid, because the opportunities that you are looking for will not dissipate. In fact, if you are proactive enough, this may be the best time to look for your ideal next move. This is where we, as recruitment consultants, can help engage in those conversations with the right people (by video chat of course!) and help open those avenues.

How will this all play out?

This is the most difficult question to answer, because it is so dependable on the most unpredictable resource on the planet, us as a people. In an ideal world and scenario, we all self-isolate for a few weeks, anyone who has COVID-19 is rid of it during this time and we can return life as we know it. Realistically we know this won’t happen, but what we need to do is adapt but also support one another as a collective. Which includes embracing remote working, continue to be productive, stay connected using the technology we have at hand and above all else, don’t panic!

What we need to remember is, we will pull through these times and it has the potentially change how we operate as businesses and professionals. Be adaptable, be proactive, show kindness, continue your productivity and remember to take this chance to mix things up and reinvigorate yourself! If completely embraced, this is going to change how we all work moving forward!

At Parity Consulting we are taking this chance to ensure that not only can we adapt to the ever-changing working landscape but also show that we can assist you in ways outside of our day-to-day recruitment. Take note of the Key Takeaways from our latest event on building Mental Resilience in the Workforce with some useful tips during this different time ahead!

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