Virtual Interviews – The New Norm: How to land your dream job

22 May 2020 Skye Griffiths

Virtual Interview Image

​Covid-19 has created a lot of new experiences for us all. Virtual Interviews, once only used for interstate interviews or for one off instances, are now a reality of our new future, so it is critical we all become comfortable with them. 

Face to face interviews or virtual interviews can be daunting, especially if you have not interviewed for some time – preparation is key in all interview scenarios. 

We know that some candidates have been looking for a new role for some time, some being made redundant around Christmas means they have been looking for a role for almost 6 months. No one could have foreseen Covid-19 and its impacts, and this is a terribly challenging time to be looking for work with a huge candidate pool on offer. It is important, however, that this does not come across in an interview setting. More than ever, candidates need to stay confident and calm. Showing any signs of desperation will not work in your favour.

Some of our clients tell us that working from home will be more on offer than ever for future roles, even as our economy returns to normal and the ability to work at the office is available. They tell us that their employees have been just as productive (if not more!) working from home so as businesses begin to expand and new team members are brought in, Virtual Interviews are likely to be involved.

As part of our Parity Consulting service, we provide our interviewing candidates with a suggested list of questions to ask in an interview setting, enabling them to shine and be the best they can be for their next interview opportunity.

Here are 10 tips to prepare for your next Virtual Interview:

1.   Be hydrated – have a glass of water on hand – do not get stuck with a dry throat mid interview and run out to collect water!

2.   Be ready – be set up ready to go with 10 minutes to spare to ensure technology is not an issue

3.   Lighting – be set up in a well-lit space with a soft or neutral background

4.   Background – ensure your phone is on silent/off to ensure there are no interruptions (ensure the kids are kept busy and don’t barge in!)

5.   Be confident – but not overconfident - cultural fit is a huge factor in every role – don’t be too aggressive or too assertive – showing that you can fit into a team environment and not be overpowering to the rest of the team is critical

6.   Don’t show desperation – saying that you have been looking for months and are keen to take any role is not appealing. Keep this to yourself and show your positive personality in this interview setting. Think of what you can say otherwise. i.e. I have been searching for a new role a little while, and really focused on finding the right fit, and a place where I can add value to the organisation as well as providing me an opportunity to grow long term.

7.   Get to the point – be succinct and offer concise answers – if you feel yourself rambling, wrap it up

8.   Be prepared - have 5-6 questions ready to ask to show your curiosity about the role in hand – if 1 or 2 of your questions are answered during the discussion you will have a few up your sleeve to ask when you are given the chance – the interview is as much about if you are a match for them as they are a match for you!

9.   Do your homework before the interview – spend time on their website – be aware of any recent campaigns they are running

10. Breathe – don’t forget to breathe! Stay calm and do your best!


Watch your body language and look at the camera – not the person on the screen – it may come across as you are distracted or looking away – you are not in the same room but your interviewer can see EVERYTHING - practice with a friend beforehand to become comfortable

Skye is a Specialist Consulting at Parity Consulting, working across the Banking, Insurance and Payment sectors in Marketing, Communications and Digital. In her spare time, she runs a national corporate wellness business called Skye Lifestyle. Yoga keeps her grounded and her genuine passion for people is one of her greatest skills. A sushi lover, Skye is our Resident Wellness Guru.

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