Hiring top talent, Marketing trends and Oreo frappes

02 June 2021 Ai Iwami

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​Chances are, you are working from home a day or two this week. With so many more businesses embracing flexibility, it’s become a given that flexible working arrangements be the norm and become an expectation rather than a nice to have for many job seekers and employees.
This time last year was a tough year for many businesses and job seekers navigating their way through the uncertainty of COVID-19. So, what has changed a year on? Budgets are getting approved, hiring has re-commenced and we’re seeing a lot more happening on the job boards, but with one difference – we’re finding it is a candidate short market.
So why are we finding it hard to move top talent from their current roles?
  • Stability and security – many are unwilling to let go of their current role;
  • Flexibility - their current employers have embraced new flexible work arrangements; and
  • Loyalty – they feel grateful to their current employer for keeping them on through COVID-19.
In a candidate short market, what can employers do to entice top talent?
  • Offer flexible working arrangements. This includes being open to considering part time workers, remote workers and job sharing.
  • Have an internal training or professional development plan in place. Has your Digital Marketing Manager expressed interest in understanding more about marketing automation? Educate and train them to be experts in that field. It will not only benefit the individual, but it will benefit the organisation in the long run.
  • Culture. It always comes up, but only a handful of organisations have really hit the nail on the head with this one. A good culture can be defined in so many ways, but in short, it should mean being inclusive, diverse, accepting, welcoming and positive – are you proud to work for your organisation? Why? These are the things a future employee would love to know in order to envision themselves within the organisation.
On the flip side, what can candidates do to ensure they are continuing to up-skill and keeping up with the current trends? In the Marketing, Communications and Digital space, we’re seeing a demand for:
  • Marketers with a digital focus, and not so much in a generalist capacity. The types of profiles we are seeing organisations ask for are optimisation experts, performance and analytics, UX/UI designers and website managers.
  • Customer focused. With more organisations looking at overhauling their customer journeys and touch points, we are seeing a need for experts in customer experience, customer life-cycle and content.
  • Up-skill, up-skill, up-skill. Doing your job and doing it well is all well and good, but a curious mind will always be one step ahead. Are you remaining on top of the current trends? Understanding what is happening in your industry? What are your interests or areas that are in need of development?
And in keeping with the flexible working arrangements, I am available Monday through to Thursday to chat about your next opportunity or how you can hire the best talent into your teams – and potentially offer tips on how to bribe your toddler into eating peas, ways to continue the myth that an Oreo chocolate frappe is spicy, through to just general insights on being a mother to what feels like a Furby with no off button!
Here at Parity, we exist on a culture that accepts (and seeks out!) part time workers! So, if you are interested in speaking to either myself or one of our Specialist Consultants, give our team a call on 02 8068 2016/03 9923 8081 or send us an email at info@parityconsulting.com.au.
We also offer internship opportunities for those looking to develop their skills and shape their careers!