It's Time for a Rule Change

09 September 2021 Rosa Palmieri

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Applications. Interviews. Hiring… Stress.
Gratefully, I can confidently say that I was one of the “lucky ones” - I landed a job with no experience or formal education in the field I was getting into.
As many of us know, when it comes to the professional world, this typically is not the case. Many employers look at education and experience as two of the top variables when making a hire. Because of this, too often, candidates feel unseen and unheard, or are simply too scared to leave their day job to pursue a passion of theirs.
As a recently graduated uni student, I personally know too many people who are frustrated with the traditional hiring processes:
“How can an employer expect 5 years experience when I’ve been studying the past 4?” “Everyone wants experience but nobody’s willing to give it to you.” “At this rate I’m never going to get a job.”
We’ve all heard it, and it’s time for it to stop. 
When my boss, Victoria Butt- the Founder and Managing Director of Parity Consulting - told me she wanted to try something new, I was on board immediately. Hearing that I was part of the inspiration behind her grand idea was just the icing on the cake. Victoria mentioned to me that in years past, she too has fallen into the comfort of traditional hiring practices, and most likely would not have hired me the way she did. 
I was fortunate enough to start out as an intern to get my skin in the game, however soon after, found myself a part of the Parity family. Moving home to the U.S. about a month ago and still getting to work for an Aussie-based company shows not only the future of work, but also that hiring on values, drive and attitude can definitely work in your favour. 
That said, Parity Consulting is currently in the middle of a very exciting round of recruitment! There are multiple positions to be filled, ranging from both part-time and full-time. The goal of the game is to find extraordinary humans, not extraordinary CVs. 
How is this possible you may ask?
We are determined to learn about you as a person; what makes you tick; why you stick out from the crowd. And a resume usually doesn’t show that.
If this sounds interesting to you (even the slightest bit!), head to this link to read a little more about these roles and listen to Victoria herself in a short video she filmed. 
Remember - EVERYONE who expresses their interest is guaranteed an interview. 
What’s in it for you? Well, you just may score an awesome job in an amazing team. Either way, you have nothing to lose - and we hope that this process shows you that recruitment is changing and you are seen. 
So, register your interest or pass along the link to someone you know who may be intrigued, and we will be in touch shortly! 

Please note, the interview process starts next Wednesday, September 15, so get in now if you are interested!
Rosa Palmieri is a recently graduated Psychology student, currently working as a Marketing and Administrative Assistant at Parity Consulting. Her favourite things to do include enjoying the sunshine while going for a beach walk, getting a sweat on at the gym, practicing yoga and training her brain with a good podcast! Contact her directly at