Talent Attraction & Engagement in FY2022

15 September 2021 Vanessa Lalani

Talent Attraction & Engagement
​With a steady war for talent still very prominent throughout many industries and affecting our Product, Pricing, Digital, Marketing & Data Analytics audiences, we put together a document focused specifically on talent attraction and engagement.
Now more than ever, our clients are looking for ways to not only attract top talent, but also to keep all employees engaged in and excited about their work. With hybrid working and still being in the midst of a global pandemic, companies have had to become more creative and innovative.
Here at Parity Consulting we too have implemented fresh ways to come together as a team during this time - such as virtual trivia and weekly team catch-ups.
This publication is part of our Parity Plus initiative, where we invest in our communities in hopes of adding value and knowledge to our clients and applicants. We hope these insights are helpful to you.

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