Salary Guide & Insights FY2022-23

20 July 2022 Victoria Butt

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​Salary Guide & Insights FY2022-23

​We know what motivates people.

  • You may be in the 31% of professionals who feel they are paid market rate;
  • Or the 72% who will consider moving roles;
  • Or you may be in the 30% of professionals motivated by a compressed work week;
  • Or the 29% of professionals who simply want to ‘work from anywhere’;
  • Or you may just want to have comfort that you are being paid market rate.
Whatever the reason, we want to share the results of our Annual Salary Guide & Insights and give you the answers to many of the questions you may have!
To download our FY2022-23 Salary Guide and Insights, simply click on the below link/s:
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