Parity's Partners in Play Series with Adrienne Tan

27 September 2022 Victoria Butt

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It is with absolute pleasure; I would like to introduce one of our longest standing ‘Partners in Play’ who have inspired and championed product management for us and the wider community for over 15 years. Adrienne Tan, the CEO of Brainmates is a global hero in product management, a friend, mentor, and all-round awesome human. She is very special to us here at Parity Consulting where she has relentlessly focused on lifting the skills within the global product management Industry.
Brainmates is Adrienne’s love story. Founded in 2004, Brainmates has developed into a leader in product management professional services in Australia and New Zealand. It is a people-oriented company focused on learning, passion, and humility and this could not be truer of our experience with the business. Brainmates’ hero the product management industry, making sure that product management is recognised as the engine of sustainable growth in every organisation. They help organisations leverage product management to drive business value through products customers love.
I always love sitting down and chatting with Adrienne and seeing how her innovative mind works. When asking her about the advice she would have given her younger self, she shared the following wisdom.
“Don't be scared of the unknown. There's so much pressure to decide what we must do and become… when we're at school, at university and even in our first job. But it's OK not to know. It's OK to explore and allow yourself the time to get to know who you really are.”
When asking Adrienne about the future of work, I enjoy hearing her thoughts around meaningful work and how she feels strongly about companies who provide work environments which are respectful of their employee’s lives, while meeting business needs. Adrienne leads from the front and has built an incredible inclusive business that not only includes a professional services brand and arm but a product events business and an association for product professionals.
Adrienne and the team at Brainmates share our passion for data and different thinking when it comes to career management. We are proud to partner with them on our FY2022 Salary Guide & Insights into Product Management. Brainmates partner with us because we are also pioneers in the product management space and started recruiting for this space long before other recruiters. They know how deep our inherent knowledge is of product management and just how passionate we are about it.
If you have not met Adrienne and you are passionate about product management, you can follow her here or visit Brainmates at
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