Parity Partners in Play Series with Saxon Huggins

05 October 2022 Victoria Butt

Webrover’s founder and Managing Director is Saxon Huggins and we like his business a lot here at Parity Consulting. Webrover extracts, transforms & loads any data (we used it for job adverts) from the web into their clients’ systems. This automation saves them time & intelligence helping them target customers more effectively.
Webrover and Saxon have a few things in common...
  1. They both make the recruitment/talent acquisition industry better;
  2. While contributing more than you expect;
  3. And they are both super easy to be around.
We have posted our FY2023 Salary Guide & Insights recently and Webrover’s intelligence made all the difference, providing us with job advert volumes in the disciplines of Product, Pricing, Marketing, Digital and Data. The system was super intuitive to use, and I was delighted with the data I could draw upon.
Saxon describes Webrover as an organisation focused on Innovation, Results, Purpose. They are passionate about helping clients to save time and make money by using data to power their business intelligently and automatically. Saxon is a serial entrepreneur and incredible family man. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is:
“Don't bite off more than you can chew, there's time, prioritise yourself & family & make sure work supports them.”
When asking Saxon about the future of work, I received an answer quite different to the normal. It was refreshing to hear Saxon believes in the ‘sustainable collective’ rather than the ‘individual’. He is passionate about conserving natural resources and promoting society’s innovation rather than encouraging people to pursue individual gains.
Saxon and his team at Webrover partner with Parity Consulting to provide mutual value to our joint customers and clients. It’s a respectful partnership based on trust and communication.
If you have not come across Webrover or Saxon Huggins, please connect with him HERE.
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