Parity Partners in Play Series with Brigid Leishman

19 December 2022 Victoria Butt

Leishman Consulting was founded by Brigid Leishman in 2019 following an extensive and impressive executive career in corporate. Her business is a pretty special one and we have nothing but admiration of the work she does with our candidates to help navigate and curate their career strategy. Brigid has always loved helping people to become the hero of their own story and take back power when it comes to their career.
Brigid is a qualified career coach and helps people define the next steps in their career. She gives senior managers and executives across a range of industries, disciplines, and countries the coaching, tools, and support to take those steps.
Leishman Consulting stands for clarity, support, and ownership and if you meet Brigid for only a few minutes, you can see this come through in her communication, messaging and overall stance on the world. We have learnt so much from Brigid here at Parity and love sending our precious candidates and clients to her for her mentorship and guidance on their CVs and LinkedIn positioning (which is only a small handful of her service offerings).
Leishman Consulting and Parity Consulting have a few things in common;
  1. Mastery in our areas of specialisation
  2. We know what we do well and we stick to that
  3. We are down to earth and direct communicators
  4. We understand the importance of Salary Information when navigating careers
Brigid at Leishman Coaching loves the work we do for our FY2022 Salary Guide & Insights and places a huge emphasis on market information. She sees the value in this information empowering professionals to have the confidence to ask for what they are worth, and to build negotiating strategies for the future.
When asking Brigid about the future of work, she gave me a great answer and one I have loved reflecting on.
  • People will continue to ‘rage against the machine’ - This includes hybrid and remote working continuing to grow and not ‘go back to normal’ as some predict. It also includes part-time and flexible work as people seek a more balanced life to stem the rising tide of mental health issues we are seeing.
  • People want more - We will also see people growing more comfortable with having more than one job, including more self-employment.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to mature and replace low value work - this means people will need to continually upskill and be in touch with where their skill set will and won’t remain relevant over time. 
If you have not come across Brigid or Leishman Consulting, please connect with her HERE.
Victoria is an Executive Search Specialist, entrepreneur, Founder and Managing Director of Parity Consulting; a thought leader, wife and mother, blogger, and a wine snob! She believes in life by design and is blessed to have found her career home in the training & recruitment industry, founding Parity Consulting on the belief that the candidate and client must be equal within the hiring process.
Parity Consulting works with clients who embrace diverse and inclusive environments and empower their teams to bring their authentic whole self to work. We encourage people with different beliefs, abilities, backgrounds and life experiences to contact us.
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