Why bother with Video content?! Here's why!

21 December 2022 Laura King

Why Bother With Video Content Header
At Parity Consulting we love creating videos and this type of content has become increasingly popular in the digital world. As specialist recruiters, Parity use video content in a number of ways:
  • Share market intel and industry news across our specialist areas of Product Management, Pricing, Digital, Marketing, Communications, Data and Analytics recruitment;
  • Advertise roles we are working on for our clients;
  • Share highlights from our Parity Plus events;
  • Connect with our networks through sharing fun content and team events – an example of this is our most recent Christmas video!
In fact, it is one of the most popular ways people are consuming content – so if you are not engaging with your network, customers, audience using videos, you are most likely missing an opportunity!
It can be used to effectively engage audiences, share information and tell stories in a way that text alone cannot. With its capacity to hold people’s attention for longer periods of time with added visual elements, video has proven to be a powerful tool for any content marketer.
There are countless ways to take advantage of a video’s potential. Below are some tips on how to effectively use this type of content to supercharge your content marketing:
  1. Create Compelling Content – Video content should aim to captivate your audience and drive them to take action. Find creative ways to tell engaging stories, use powerful visuals, and deliver useful information. 
  2. Deliver a Clear Message – Make sure there is a distinct purpose behind every video you create. Let viewers know why they should watch it, what they’ll learn, and how they can take action at the end.
  3. Optimise with SEO – Don’t forget to optimise video content for SEO just like text-based content. Optimise titles and descriptions, as well as include relevant keywords where appropriate.
  4.  Leverage Social Platforms – Share videos on social media platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook to increase visibility and maximise reach. The platform you use will largely depend on your industry and where your customers frequent. Use custom thumbnails and engage with your followers to increase engagement.
By following these tips, you can successfully use video content to enhance your content marketing efforts and reach your desired audience.
See Parity’s YouTube channel for our latest videos!
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Laura is a Senior Consultant at Parity Consulting, specialising in the recruitment of high calibre Marketing, Communications & Digital talent across Financial Services. She is a seasoned recruiter, wife and mum to 2 boys, sun seeker, lover of fashion, fine wine and travelling; with a side hustle in Personal Styling and helping clients develop their personal brand. With 20+ years professional experience gained from the UK and Australia, Laura's career in recruitment spans across various industries including Pharmaceutical Sales, Marketing, Market Research and Consumer Insights.
Parity Consulting works with clients who embrace diverse and inclusive environments and empower their teams to bring their authentic whole self to work. We encourage people with different beliefs, abilities, backgrounds and life experiences to contact us. Contact Laura at lking@parityconsulting.com.au or +61 405 538 706 for a confidential discussion about your Marketing, Communications or Digital career, or to grow your team.