If you don’t take control of your personal brand, someone else will!

18 January 2023 Agnes Villanyi

Take Control 1
In today’s world, the importance of personal branding is growing by the day. An intentional personal brand can help you to stand out from the crowd, build credibility and recognition, and ultimately achieve success.
​​Having a strong personal brand gives you confidence and attracts potential employers, and collaborators who trust and believe in your message. It’s an essential tool for showcasing your unique value and expertise, as well as distinguishing yourself from others in the same field.
​You are your brand. Your current role or project you are working on will leave an impact on others.
Set intentions and take charge of your message with a personal brand, you can control the narrative that is associated with your name. The below strategies will help create an intentional personal brand that will help you move closer to your goals.
  • Curating content on social media to reflect values and experiences,
  • Sharing stories on your blog and website,
  • Networking strategically,
  • Attending events and speeches.
Remember the importance of creating a powerful and intentional personal brand cannot be overstated. Investing in building a strong personal brand will pay off in the long run, start crafting yours today!
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Agnes Villanyi is a Senior Consultant at Parity Consulting – Specialising in Product Management and Product Development roles across Asset and Wealth Management. An avid ice skater, experimental Italian cook, and trained personal stylist, Agnes is passionate about identifying great talent and helping them achieve their ambitions and progress their careers in Product.
Parity Consulting works with clients who embrace diverse and inclusive environments and empower their teams to bring their authentic whole self to work. We encourage people with different beliefs, abilities, backgrounds and life experiences to contact us. Contact Agnes at avillanyi@parityconsulting.com.au. or +61 405 395 021 for a confidential discussion about your Product and Pricing or career, or to grow your team.