Switching off mind and body, how hard can it be?!

16 January 2023 Victoria Butt

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Of course, we need to switch off, to truly recharge and reboot over the festive period.
And most believe we should slow down in order to truly speed up and tackle the year ahead.
And now we are in January, we need to start all over again.
So why is it so difficult to switch of mind and body?
Slowing down can be a great way to speed up in life. By taking a step back and taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can gain perspective and focus on what really matters.
BUT, it’s wayyyy harder than it seems for most of us.
I managed to turn my mind off which is no easy feat however not quite my body! There was too much running around, not enough sleep, too many children and family commitments.
So how did I actually switch my mind off after such a massive year?
Here’s how;
  1. Set the intention not to remain online or contactable before I signed off for my break;
  2. Booked a holiday first week in Jan with no tech available (forced break!);
  3. Practiced gratitude every morning and evening;
  4. Reminded myself each day “health is wealth”.
If this doesn’t quite work for you, the below may (courtesy of CHATGPT). My comments in brackets to keep things human (and real!).
  1.  Take regular breaks to help clear your mind
    (Definitely agree with this one however how is this possible when there is the expectation to work at 220% all the time?!)
  2. Practice mindfulness and meditation to help focus your thoughts
    (I have tried to regularly do this however I have never quite cracked it! A work-in-progress)
  3. Exercise regularly to help improve your cognitive functioning
  4. Get enough sleep to help your brain rest and recharge
    (Now this one always makes me chuckle. Even with the best intentions, getting the recommended 8 hour a night consistently is impossible with business and family commitments!)
  5. Eat a healthy diet to help fuel your brain
    (Why? When chocolate tastes so good?!)
  6. Practice positive self-talk to help keep your thoughts in check
    (Now this does really work for me I have to say)
  7. Challenge yourself to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions
    (Unclear how this can really reenergise you. Sounds like more energy required?!)
  8. Learn to recognize and manage stress to help keep your thoughts organized
    (Prefer to adjust to “to keep your thoughts positive or in perspective?!)
  9. Develop good organizational skills to help you stay on track
    (Being organised is one of the main ways I manage a busy work and home diary).
 Victoriais an Executive Search Specialist, entrepreneur, Founder and Managing Director of Parity Consulting; a thought leader, wife and mother, blogger, and a wine snob! She believes in life by design and is blessed to have found her career home in the training & recruitment industry, founding Parity Consulting on the belief that the candidate and client must be equal within the hiring process.
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