Job seekers, it’s time to Create an AI-Optimised LinkedIn Profile!

06 June 2023 Trish Aspell

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Attention, job seekers! It's time to unlock your full potential and master the art of optimising your LinkedIn profile. With LinkedIn's popularity among professionals and companies for job search, you have a golden opportunity to stand out from the crowd and attract the right career opportunities.

With AI-powered software becoming the standard in recruitment, ensuring your profile is AI-friendly has become imperative when seeking new employment. The rapid advancement of AI technology has accelerated the hiring process, making it crucial for your profile to make a swift and impactful impression.

This article is packed with expert tips to help you amplify your impact on LinkedIn, taking your job search to new heights and propelling your career forward. By implementing these strategies, you'll ensure that you seize every opportunity and don't miss out on your ideal job. So, let's dive right in and get started on your path to success!

1️. Use a Professional Headshot and Craft a Compelling Headline

Your LinkedIn headshot presents a valuable chance to create a positive initial impression.

  • It's important to dress appropriately for the role you're pursuing.

  • Make sure the photo is of excellent quality with good lighting.

  • Don't forget to smile and convey an approachable yet professional demeanour.

  • Emphasise your face while avoiding extreme close-ups; a crop that includes your head and shoulders is ideal.

  • Additionally, if you have a personal brand or a distinct professional style, incorporate it into your headshot.

Next, craft your headline.

This is located directly under your name, and along with your photo, it’s your chance to make a strong first impression. But more importantly, search engines love it.

  • Instead of focusing on your current job title, lead with your target role and include relevant keywords related to your top skills. For example, you can use terms like "Product Innovator," "Strategic Marketing Manager," or "Data Scientist" to make it easier for the right people to find you.

Remember, a sharp professional photo and concise and attention-grabbing language is key!

2️. Utilise the About Section

The About section of your LinkedIn profile is your opportunity to showcase your unique story.

  • Avoid regurgitating your resume and instead, write a compelling summary that highlights your key accomplishments, skills, and career goals.

  • Start with a captivating hook that reflects your personality, such as “I have always been a strategic and customer-focused product manager, leveraging my skills in market research and communication to deliver innovative solutions that meet user needs.”

Then, highlight your top three accomplishments ands or career highlights, keeping your voice authentic and avoiding writing in the third person, and letting your true self shine through.

EXTRA TIP: If you are targeting a specific role, utilise the same language presented in the job description to reflect your relevant achievements.

3️. Showcase Your Experience

When describing your past roles in the Experience section, go beyond mere job descriptions.

  • Use bullet points for readability, this will make it easier for recruiters to grasp your expertise.

  • Emphasise your achievements, responsibilities, and measurable results.

  • Make sure to showcase how you have contributed value and made a difference in your previous positions.

In order to present yourself authentically and consistently, and to prevent any confusion for potential hiring managers, it is crucial to align the job titles listed on your LinkedIn profile with those mentioned in your resume.

4️. Optimise Your Skills Section

Ensure that your skills section reflects your target audience's needs.

  • Select up to 50 relevant skills and prioritise them based on importance for the role you are targeting.

  • Link relevant skills to each past/current role in the Experience section.

  • Remove any skills that are too junior or outdated.

  • Consider taking a skills assessment to earn a skills badge, which can boost your credibility and visibility on LinkedIn.

5️. Incorporate Multimedia Elements

Adding links, videos, or documents to your profile can significantly enhance its appeal.

  • Use these elements to showcase your work, such as presentations, articles, or projects.

  • Visuals are compelling and can help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Make sure they are relevant and represent your professional achievements effectively.

Highlight high leverage elements in the Featured section, or role specific elements in the Experience section.

6️. Get Recommendations

Request recommendations from colleagues, supervisors, or clients who can vouch for your skills and work ethic. These testimonials add credibility to your profile and demonstrate your expertise.

Don't be shy about asking for recommendations from people you've collaborated with in the past.

7️. Include Relevant Keywords

In order to enhance the discoverability of your profile, it is crucial to incorporate relevant keywords specific to your industry, role, and expertise.

Take some time to research the keywords that recruiters and potential employers commonly utilise when seeking professionals like yourself. By strategically integrating these keywords throughout your profile, you significantly improve the likelihood of appearing in pertinent searches conducted by recruiters and employers.

ESSENTIAL: Emphasising the right keywords can greatly optimise your profile for AI-driven recruitment processes.

8️. Customise Your URL

Make your LinkedIn profile URL concise and professional. This makes it easier for others to find and share your profile.

  • Remove any random numbers after you name and consider customising your URL to align it with your personal brand.

  • Make the most of this URL by adding it to your resume and other professional materials to create a consistent online presence.

9️. Stay Updated

Regularly review and update your profile to reflect your latest achievements, certifications, and professional development. Keeping your profile fresh and relevant shows that you are actively engaged in your field and helps you stay on top of recruiters' radar.

10. Increase Your Visibility

Building relationships is essential on LinkedIn and engaging with your audience is essential.

  • Respond promptly and professionally to messages, comments, and connection requests.

  • Engage with posts by commenting, sharing, and liking, but avoid overwhelming blocks of content.

  • Remember that people generally don't read lengthy articles on the platform. Instead, focus on adding value through thoughtful questions and engaging in smart dialogue.

BONUS TIP – Manage Your LinkedIn Feed

Take control of your LinkedIn feed by clicking on the three buttons and indicating that certain content isn't relevant to you. This will help tailor your feed to your interests.

Additionally, follow hashtags that align with your professional interests. This way, you can discover relevant content and engage with like-minded professionals.

And remember, your LinkedIn profile is your professional brand, and optimising it is crucial for attracting recruiters, industry peers, and potential collaborators. By implementing these tips, you'll stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of success on LinkedIn. Happy optimising!

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Trish is a Senior Consultant at Parity Consulting, mum, partner, sports enthusiast and budding traveller (leaving Ireland in 2006 to travel the world with lifelong friends!). She specialises in the recruitment of Product, Pricing and Actuarial professionals across the Insurance industry (Life, Health and General) in a permanent, contract and temporary capacity.

With extensive experience as a Life Insurance Financial Advisor in Ireland, her career in recruitment started specialising in Life Insurance and Workers Compensation recruitment. This experience has helped Trish significantly in her role at Parity – giving her the business and technical knowledge required to best match candidates and clients in the Insurance space.

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