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FY2021-22 Salary Guide and Insights

Salary Guide and Insights FY2021-22

Here at Parity Consulting, we have been providing detailed salary information to the Product, Marketing & Digital communities for the past 7 years. Our FY2022 Salary Guides & Insights is a thorough and detailed cross industry report covering:
  • Salaries, bonuses and pay rises by industry and role seniority;
  • How COVID-19 continues to impact remuneration and the budget response associated with this;
  • How organisations are (or in some cases are not!) maintaining corporate culture with hybrid working;
  • Strategies companies may be using to attract and engage their talent; and
  • Future recruitment predictions and expected talent shortages.
To access the full copy of the FY2022 Product Management, Marketing, Communications & Digital Salary Guide & Insights, simply download a copy today:
Product Management & Development Salary Guide & Insights
Marketing, Communications & Digital Salary Guide & Insights

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