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Parity Plus presents Product Lab 2019 - a series of TED-style talks, complimentary to the Product community; an invite only event! Featuring industry thought leaders and product veterans sharing their insights on current topics and trends.

Customers have evolved significantly in the last 5 years and are becoming harder to understand. The customer needs have changed and therefore it's even more important to make sure the products are fit for purpose.

This Product Lab will give product professionals practical takeaways to challenge the way in which they build products to meet customer needs.

Parity Plus presents Product Lab 2019


  • Jayson Bricknell


    Jayson will give advice on how to solve real customer problems through lessons from a large transformation program that you can apply day to day.

    Director, Product and Service Development – Westpac

    Read Jayson's latest blog here

  • Angela Catalan

    How to embrace a Product Marketing mindset to align stakeholders.

    The Product Marketing function is critical to build market leading products. Angela will share the importance of customer & market discovery and provide a framework which you can use.

    Angela Catalan | 9:30AM
    Director, Global Product Marketing – Nearmap

  • Liza Agresta


    Stakeholder management is essential but it may not be easy. Liza will present the art of achieving great results through positively affecting stakeholders

    LIZA AGRESTA | 10:45AM
    Director, Product - Visa

    Read Liza's latest blog here

Product Lab topics


Angela Catalan

Angela Catalan

Director, Global Product Marketing – Nearmap

Angela believes Product Marketing is a mindset of product management. She has built her career as a product marketing strategist, helping tech-powered product teams refine their value proposition to tell stories that resonate with their customers. Dealing with the unknown is her speciality - combining lean start-up, product management and modern marketing principles, she runs customer discovery sprints to help formulate GTM strategies and winning positioning for growing businesses.

Jayson Bricknell

Jayson Bricknell

Director, Product
& Service Development - Westpac

Jayson's greatest satisfaction is turning ideas into reality by working with teams to find the best solutions to problems. He has a strong "can do" attitude and values simplicity in design. Jayson is a Financial Services executive with broad business experience, a proven ability to turn plans into actions, strong commercial acumen and a drive to deliver results and help businesses grow.

Liza Agresta

Liza Agresta

Director, Product - VISA

Liza believes in the power of consumer insights throughout the product design process to ensure delivery of viable solutions. Liza's experience spans across marketing, product management and customer strategy, and it's this combined experience that landed her a role of Director of Consumer Products at Visa.

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