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  • ​Had a great end to end experience with Parity who placed me into a role that suited my skills, personality and remuneration expectations. Couldn't have been more happier with the outcome!

    Patrick Vu ,  Product Manager- EISS

  • ​Very positive experiences with Parity. They are professional, have quick turnaround and very good follow ups.

    Vivian Low ,  Product Manager- Lazard Asset Management

  • ​Great team of professionals who really know their market and clients. Agnes was an invaluable asset for me, able to find the right role to suit my international experience. I would highly recommend Parity to anyone looking for a new role or looking to recruit.

    Ryan McMillan ,  Senior Consultant- AMP Capital

  • ​Victoria and her team have done something special in the recruitment industry. I feel that there is a strong sense of purpose and caring in every interaction with them and I consider that any Product professional looking for a role or any organisation seeking such professionals would strongly benefit from using Parity. As an experienced Product Manager in the financial services industry - Parity have helped position me for rewarding roles during my career and also supplied some wonderful candidates when I have recruited. You would be hard-pressed to find a more professional yet personable recruiters in the product domain!

    Arti Kumar ,  Head of Platform & Delivery- MetLife Australia

  • ​Parity Consulting has equipped me with a wealth of resources and coaching that helped take me to the next step of my career. Matching each opportunity to hand-picked qualified candidates, they are experts in their field. It's been a pleasure to work with Parity, and I highly recommend their services to both employers and job-seekers.

    Joanna Nichols ,  Customer Marketing Executive- Compare Club

  • ​Victoria is an inspirational business leader and always goes the extra mile for her clients! She has a very open and honest communication style. I have found my interactions with her and the Parity team both professional and personal. Parity has established itself as a leader in the financial services product recruitment space and provides additional value by sharing research and conducting workshops. I recommend Victoria and Parity to both employers and candidates.

    Emma Rayner ,  ex Head of Product Management- Pendal Group

  • ​Amanda Glacken - I wanted to reach out to thank you for your support throughout my recent interview experience with Equifax. Throughout the entire process, you were incredibly diligent; ensuring that I was kept well across all advancements. Importantly, you provided clarity and context, which is so beneficial for candidates who are often faced with the inevitable uncertainties that come with role applications. Most importantly, you showcased a consistent and unrelenting consideration. I always felt a confidence that you had my best interests at heart. Additionally, I quickly grew confident that you would be representing me to Equifax in an aligned manner. I truly believe that this played a role in my successful application. So again, a big thank you for your efforts. It has been much appreciated. I think it’s important that feedback is shared within the business; especially for an outstanding performance such as this. I really look forward to continuing to work with you as I craft and adjust my new team over time.

    Damian Frittum ,  General Manager - Strategy, Innovation, Partnerships & Product Development- Equifax

  • ​Parity provide both a professional and friendly service. Vanessa was very supportive, provided regular/prompt updates and guidance in advance of interviews. I would highly recommend Parity to anyone looking for a new role and also any brands looking for new talent.

    Fraser Thomson ,  Commercially Focused Strategic Marketer-

  • ​Having dealt with Parity both as a client and candidate for many years, I have found Victoria and team invest heavily in developing and maintaining relationships within the industry. They are the experts on placing Product professionals from entry level through to senior management and I have always found Parity very easy to deal with, responsive and proactive.

    Product Professional ,  -

  • ​Working with Parity Consulting was a seamless experience. The genuine approach and commitment to ensure both the business and candidate are happy with the successful placement was a standout with Parity. A consultancy I would highly recommend.

    Melissa Irwin ,  Manager - Media & Partnerships- Aussie

  • ​Agnes is a joy to work with, and always willing to help. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. Thanks Agnes!

    Catherine Simpson ,  Product Manager- TAL

  • ​Adam is a professional facilitator who understands his clients and candidates. He went out of his way to understand the roles and industries that were of interest to me. I felt informed and comfortable going into interviews because he took the time to ask hiring managers the right questions on my behalf.

    Jamie Symons ,  Product Manager- Informa Intelligence

  • ​Vanessa contacted me through LinkedIn because she was looking for a communications specialist with experience in producing disclosure communications. I was having a break from the workforce to care for a family member. She was very patient and understanding and found me a terrific role which suited my skills and experience and the kind of work that I was seeking. She has been a pleasure to work with and has been very responsive and upfront. I have had varying degrees of success with recruitment consultants in the past but Vanessa is very genuine and interested in matching candidates with the right role and culture. She would be the first person I would contact should I need recruitment services in the future.

    Katherine Moyo ,  Communications Specialist-

  • ​I really appreciated Adam’s reliability and his knowledge of the finance industry. He supported me throughout the whole recruitment process and followed up every time as promised, even when I was unsuccessful. He really seemed to care about matching me with the right company.

    Irina Tache ,  Digital Product Manager- Sympli

  • ​A professional but friendly recruitment agency who I've always found thorough and responsive in searching for marketing talent. Their breakfast thought leadership events are informative and a value-add to their service.

    Russell Walsh ,  Head of Integrated Marketing & Brand- MetLife Australia

  • Adam is a highly professional individual who took the time to meticulously understand my requirements, experience to date and identified the key transferable skills. From then on it was such an easy experience at my end, as he took it upon himself to put me forward to the roles, line up the interviews and send through the research. He well researched pre-interview information emails should be made in to an industry standard!These emails absolutely saved me hours of research and completely aided me to present myself in very confident manner at the interviews. I have dealt with many recruiters in my time but never someone with such customer centric focus or phenomenal attention to details. Dealing with him was a dream. Further his pre interview and post interview follow up has been like clockwork - right on time and consistent. This is an individual who truly cares about the work he does. Keep up the great work Adam!

    Dhanushi Jayatileka ,  Product Manager- Westpac Institutional Bank

  • ​I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know what an awesome job Amanda Glacken did with a recent job application of mine. Although I didn't end up taking the job, Amanda was brilliant every step of the way, from prepping me for the interviews,communication throughout and being positive and professional even after I had turned down the offer.  If that's how she treats candidates, I can only imagine how well she is looking after your clients.

    Product Management Candidate ,  -

  • ​I was recently made redundant for the first time in my career and was very anxious about getting a new role.  Amanda at Parity was amazing at helping me feel worthwhile and calm about getting a new job.  She made a real effort to understand my skills, motivation and what I was looking for.  She then worked tirelessly to find the right role for me , keeping me up to date with her progress.  Once she found me a role and secured an interview, she provided me with interview tools to ensure my success.  She kept me informed throughout the process and made the whole experience easy and stress free.  I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at Parity  as they care as much about the individual as they do the business they are recruiting for. I was recently fortunate enough to meet Amanda at Parity when I was looking for a new role.  She took the time to know me: my skills, motivation and what role I was looking for, then worked tirelessly to find me the right job.  Once she secured me an interview, she gave me some great interview tools to ensure my success.  She kept me informed throughout the hiring process and made the whole experience easy and stress free.  I have already recommended Parity to friends looking for roles.

    Lisa Jackson ,  Senior Product Manager, DDM- Equifax

  • ​Victoria has been a great pleasure to work with. Being new in the Australian market while I was looking for an appropriate role to switch, It was very clear that Victoria goes the extra mile to ensure things are smooth not only while finding the best role for a job seeker but also after one has settled in on their new role and guide them through their career as well.In spite of her tight schedule while leading Parity and running so many events & research, she does really take time off to contact her clients often to make sure things are going fine and help fix them if necessary.She and her team are actively involved in the industry & market research, which provides valuable information to anyone looking to recruit or to be recruited.I highly recommend Victoria and Parity consulting to candidates and employers for their expertise, experience and high standard of professionalism in what they do.

    Gaurav Vemala ,  Investment Reporting & Data Analyst- Lazard Asset Management

  • ​Having been a candidate, I found Victoria to be extremely helpful in guiding me through the recruitment process. Her regular communication, expectation setting and honesty were refreshing. She helped advise me on a number of different factors relating to my particular situation around career development and salary expectations. I hope I have the pleasure of working with Victoria again in the future.

    Sandra Kanan ,  Senior Manager, Investment Products - Perpetual

  • ​Quick about me - last 3 years into Product management and worked with 50+ recruiters during my last 6 years in Australia :). Recently applied for a role with Parity Consulting and got a chance to work with 2 AWESOME recruiters in your team, Amanda and Ai. I was really impressed with their very friendly, positive attitude and very clear, honest communication with me.  They helped me throughout the interview process and guided me well. I think some credit goes to the leaders of the organisation as well for promoting a healthy and positive work culture. I was really impressed with the coordination between Amanda and Ai. Both of them are one the best recruiters I have worked with in the past 16 years.I know the importance of healthy work culture in an organisation as I have recently experienced closing down of an organisation because of toxicity in the work environment. Would like to thank Amanda and Ai for all the help and would definitely recommend Parity Consulting to my company and to my network for any recruitment related work.

    Product Management Professional ,  -

  • ​As a recent candidate, I was extremely impressed with Victoria’s highly professional and authentic approach. Victoria has an exceptional knowledge of the market, a comprehensive understanding of her clients and takes time to gain a thorough understanding of her candidates. Victoria was very responsive and supportive throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Victoria and the team at Parity Consulting.

    Kelly Kerr ,  Senior Manager, Advocacy & Technical Services- AMP

  • ​Adam really took the time to understand my ambitions and in finding a role that was closely aligned to me both professionally and personally! Such a genuine professional who helped me navigate a complicated and significant career change. I could not recommend more highly!

    Nathan McCoy ,  Associate Product Manager- Cuscal

  • ​Searching for new roles after 19 years in the one company was a daunting thought, but from my very first interactions with Alex and Victoria from Parity, I knew that this recruitment firm were serious about promoting the role of Product Managers and the skills that they can bring to companies.They are advocates for those who have experience within the product management field and recognise ideal roles for candidates either in the form of a product management role, or other consultative/project roles in an organisation due to their depth of knowledge and interaction with stakeholders from right across the business. It is reassuring that there is a specialist firm and people within it, such as Alex and Victoria, who make it part of their role to understand the markets they operate in, actively undertake training and development of their internal staff and proactively create product and marketing courses for their candidates to continuously update their skills and knowledge to ensure they are top employable candidates – not just a number on the payroll.

    Katelyn McGeachie ,  Investment Governance Specialist- AMP

  • ​Victoria recently engaged me to be a keynote speaker for a client breakfast. The topic was 'Building a Mentally Resilient Workplace', a topic she was very passionate about. She and her team worked hard to make sure that the session would add the most value to her clients, by researching their most pressing issues. She also assembled a great expert panel which followed my presentation to ensure the right knowledge was in the room to answer the questions.Testament to her research and her team's hard work, the breakfast was a sell out and had 130+ senior leaders attending. More importantly, the clients were enthusiastic in their praise post event, and rated it 4.8/5.0. It was a pleasure working with Victoria. She and her team care deeply about adding value to their clients. Highly recommended.

    Graeme Cowan ,  Resilience Speaker & Director- FactorC & RUOK?

  • ​Victoria has assisted me in the recruitment of a number of roles and each time she has considered the needs of the role carefully, gained an understanding of the culture and the right fit for the role, and as a result provided a high calibre of candidates each time. Her approach is to put forward quality (not just a focus on quantity), and as such she has always carried out appropriate screening ahead of time to ensure the recruitment process is as effective and efficient as possible. Highly recommend.

    Eleanor Ottaviano ,  Head of Transformation & Legacy- AIA Australia & NZ

  • ​Adam is a highly professional individual who understands the needs of the clients and candidates. Adam not only looks at finding candidates to fill position, he has a genuine care factor where he takes the time to understand the culture of the company and ensure you fit the mold. I really appreciate your honesty and assistance!

    Michael Gurusinga ,  Product Owner, Acquiring- Cuscal

  • ​Victoria takes a refreshingly personal approach to recruiting. She’s gone the extra mile to connect me with opportunities that align with my values and strengths. I recommend her 100%.

    Kent Tai ,  Director, Head of Business Lending- American Express

  • ​I have had the pleasure of working with Victoria both as a candidate, and an employer. On both counts she has done a thorough job of understanding both the role and the candidate. Parity is my first choice agency for product management.

    Damien Stevens ,  Head of Product & Marketing- Protecht Group

  • ​Victoria is an exceptional recruitment professional and I recommend her and Parity highly. I always suggest my contacts to use Victoria if they are looking for a new role or if they are looking for quality recruits. I have found her to have a high level of integrity, she communicates well and she takes the time to fit the right person to the role.

    Alistair Adamson ,  Senior Product Manager- MLC Life Insurance

  • ​I recently dealt with Victoria when she was assisting me with a role I was interested in. Victoria was professional, kind, supportive and kept me well informed during the process. Victoria genuinely has her clients’ and candidates’ best interests at heart and her openness and collaborative approach meant the process was seamless and timely.

    Emily Wu ,  Head of New Fund Partnerships- MLC Life Insurance

  • ​Victoria stands out from other recruiters by genuinely listening to the client’s brief and identifying quality candidates who not only fit the bill but have the cultural attributes to work successfully in the organisation.

    Peter Smyth ,  ex-COO & Head of Product- ex-Principal Global Investors

  • Adam Lee is one of the best executive recruiters with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. And to be clear, I did not end of getting the specific role I was going after, but I am still recommending him and Parity, because of their stellar client service.Adam gave me a detailed brief on the role, including the specific feedback he obtained directly from their client. He checked in to ensure it was the right fit for me. During the interview process, Adam provided me with the most detailed preparation materials I have ever received, and insured I was aware of the client’s specific areas of interest into which they were likely to ask hard questions. Adam also provided me with regular updates during the interview and deliberation process, as well as helpful feedback as to why I was unsuccessful on that occasion. Overall, a fantastic experience working with Adam and Parity.

    Richard White ,  Senior Product Manager - Digital Telstra

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Victoria and the Parity team on both sides of the fence – as a candidate and again when I was recruiting. Victoria and her team have a very professional yet personal approach. They are very clear about time frames and expectations – I was never left wondering or having to follow up. The person I recruited through Parity was outstanding and the process was incredibly smooth. Cultural and team fit are very important to Victoria and it means that if she or the team send you a candidate, you know there is a strong chance they will fit right in. Victoria’s experience means she thinks outside the box and gives great insights about the market and how to achieve your recruiting goal. I highly recommend Victoria and the team at Parity.

    Annette Torrington ,  Director- Platinum Warranty

  • Victoria is an extremely professional recruiter who goes above and beyond in her endeavours to find you the right job. I found Victoria to be very thorough and meticulous and someone who takes that extra bit of time to understand you, your needs and matches you with the right positions. I have no hesitation in recommending Victoria and her firm as a top tier recruitment organisation.

    Carl Baum ,  Acting Head of Product & Business Services- Energy Industries Super Scheme