Effective CV Writing Tips & CV Template

16 November 2021 Vanessa Lalani

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​​Being specialists in the recruitment of Product Management, Product Development, Pricing and Actuarial, Digital, Marketing, Communications and Data Science and Data Engineering professionals, we often come across CV's that could use some TLC, as well as candidates who request assistance with curating their CV. This can be a daunting task, particularly for those who have not updated their CV in some time - or for those changing industries or taking their career in a different direction.
Victoria Butt, Managing Director and Executive Search specialist shares her Top 5 Tips for revamping your CV, no matter what industry or role you are looking to move into:
Whether you are a Product Manager, Product Developer, Pricing or Actuarial professional, Digital, Marketing or Communications specialist, Data Scientist or Data Engineer, here is a template that we have found works well with our clients, showcasing a candidates achievements to potential employers - complete the form below to download your copy!

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