Ending Modern Slavery - HR & TA Roundtable - Event Takeaways

25 May 2022 Victoria Butt

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Parity Consulting has partnered with Australia’s leading expert in Modern Slavery Sally Irwin from The Freedom Hub to host an intimate breakfast with a small number of influential leaders from HR and Talent Acquisition. The Modern Slavery Act (2018) means that all companies who have more than $100 Million in revenue have to provide comprehensive reporting on their supply chainThis revenue threshold is set to decrease to $50 Million next year and the reporting requirements will only increase.   Reporting is the first step, we anticipate corporate Australia will be held accountable to do much more given the 30% increase in Slavery numbers over the past 3 years accordingly to the Modern Slavery index.
This event shares how this will affect you/your business, practical ways in which you can contribute to the solution and a chance to compare stories with your peers. 
Below is more information on this important topic as well as hearing Sally Irwin share some insights on the topic:

​Modern Slavery - the Categories

​Modern slavery comes in many forms as we all heard from Sally, with some of the most familiar to us being:
  • Debt bondage
  • Forced labour
  • Forced marriage
  • Human trafficking
  • Slavery
  • Servitude
  • The worst forms of child labour

What can you do from a personal level?

As Sally shared with the attendees, there are a number of things we can all do in our part to end modern slavery. Here are just a few:
  • volunteer in your local area
  • join an advocacy team
  • use the skills you have!
  • run events
  • run workshops
  • support UN Days
  • online courses on modern slavery
  • Zoom seminars
  • Follow The Freedom Hub on LinkedIn for articles & blogs
  • research and share your findings!
  • donate $
  • donate needs
  • join the Freedom Hub charity days (upcoming ones are 30th July and 10th December 2022)
  • teach survivors
  • follow The Freedom Hub on Instagram
  • book The Freedom Hub venue for your next event, including:
    • weddings
    • parties
    • high teas
    • groups
  • picnic hampers to go
  • all profits go to survivors​
  • shop online at The Freedom Hub
    • ethically sourced
    • gift hampers
    • all profits to survivors
    • accredited
  • Shop ethically sourced products
  • shop ethical coffee/tea
  • shop ethical food
  • The Freedom Hub cafe:
    • ethically sourced produce
    • free wifi & power
    • local delivery or online orders

What can Businesses do in response to Modern Slavery?

Whilst all the attendees from our HR/TA Roundtable agreed that as businesses and corporates, we have an obligation to do our part in ending the vicious cycle that results in modern slavery being bigger today than any other time in history, many didn't know where to start!
Here are a few ways in which you can influence and make a difference within your organisation both through partnering with The Freedom Hub and otherwise:
  • Risk Assessment & Measurement Platform
    • no spreadsheets!
    • supply mapping
    • easy MSA reporting
    • risk analytics
  • Volunteer days
  • Fundraise
  • Run projects
  • Help survivors
  • Employ survivors
  • Run sport events
  • Book The Freedom Hub venue for:
    • product launches
    • team meetings/parties
    • Catering to you (Sydney CBD)
    • all profits go to survivors
  • Shop ethically sourced
  • Social traders that are accredited
  • Gift hampers from The Freedom Hub
  • Ethical coffee
  • Ethical tea
  • Ethical wines
  • Ethical candles
  • Ensure your suppliers are accredited

The fight for freedom for everyone, everywhere.

Slavery exists within Australian borders every day. This is Australia, the lucky country, how can we allow modern slavery to continue?
When a survivor escapes their situation, they have nothing but the clothes they are wearing. No identity, no home, no food, no money, no phone. The Freedom Hub exists to help people who have experienced these crimes by helping them feel safe, building their trust and then working with the survivors to establish community reintegration.

Parity Consulting is on a mission to assist The Freedom Hub to engage and educate their community in this discussion. By hearing real life stories, we can achieve real change to assist the most vulnerable.

Ending Modern Slavery - about your Hosts

The Freedom Hub Cafe and Event venue is an ethical business for purpose. All profits support the Freedom Hub Survivor School. The Survivor School trains and equips victims of modern slavery to rebuild their lives, regain confidence and be reemployed in freedom. Modern slavery happens in Australia, help up end it: www.thefreedomhub.orgor sallyirwin@thefreedomhub.org
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