Preparing for a Board Position: Your Path to Success

27 September 2023 Ai Iwami

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​Are you ready to take the leap into the dynamic world of board positions?

Whether you're a seasoned executive or an aspiring leader, embarking on a board career requires meticulous preparation and a clear roadmap. Here's your guide to getting board-ready and making a lasting impression in the boardroom.

1. Define Your "Why"

Before you dive into the world of board positions, ask yourself: Why do you want to be on a board?

Having a compelling answer to this question is paramount. Your motivation will drive your journey and shape your choices.

Consider your experiences, values, and passions, and align them with the boards you aspire to join.

2. Elevate Your Positioning and Branding

Your “board-ready” CV is your ticket to the boardroom. Craft a compelling resume that highlights your non-executive, panel, or committee experience. Showcase your success in strategic and governance roles.

For expert guidance on creating an impactful CV, connect with Brigid Leishman, who specialises in this area.

3. Master the Art of Governance

Board roles demand a deep understanding of governance. Equip yourself with knowledge of best-practice governance frameworks and cultivate a governance mindset.

This foundation will set you apart and instill confidence in your potential as a board member.

4. Network Strategically

In the board world, opportunities often arise through word-of-mouth and existing relationships.

Attend events, connect with like-minded individuals, and let your network know about your interest in board roles.

Consider joining LinkedIn groups like The Australian Institute of Company Directors Members Group and Women on Boards to expand your connections.

5. Invest in Tailored Training

Identify your development areas and conduct a skills gap analysis.

Pursue training programs that align with your goals and address these gaps.

Courses in governance and compliance can be particularly valuable in enhancing your profile.

6. Join Board Direction Non-Executive Director Directory

Boost your board profile by becoming part of this directory. It will increase your visibility and connect you directly with organisations seeking new board members.

Learn more about this opportunity here.

7. Explore Online Vacancies

Browse through online board vacancies on platforms like,

Board Direction,
Institute of Community Directors Australia (not-for-profit), and
Australian Institute of Company Directors.
These platforms can be your gateway to finding the right board position.

Crafting Your Board CV

When creating your board CV, follow this blueprint:

Board Profile:

In 3-4 sentences, describe yourself as a director candidate, emphasising your leadership experience, strategic abilities, and industry expertise. Share examples of how you've achieved success and overcome obstacles.

Current Board Positions and Responsibilities:

If you're already on a board, briefly outline your current and past directorships, along with key achievements. If not, include any relevant group or committee involvements.

Career Overview:

Summarise the last 10 years of your career, focusing on leadership roles, responsibilities, and board reporting requirements. Highlight specific expertise developed over your career.

Education and Qualifications:

List significant and relevant education and qualifications.

Professional Memberships:

Include relevant memberships, such as the Australian Marketing Institute, Chartered Accountants, or CPA.

Activities, Recognition, Awards:

Highlight skills that align with your target board positions.

Requested Information:

Ensure your CV includes any specific information requested by the board in the position requirements and advertisement.

Final Tips

Create a strong summary that highlights your seniority and breadth of experience.

Avoid industry jargon and acronyms, as The Chair or reader may not be familiar with your field.

Embarking on a board career is a significant step. By following these steps and crafting a compelling board CV, you'll be well-prepared to seize board opportunities and contribute effectively in the boardroom. Your journey to board success starts here.

Need More help?

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