2024's Future of Employee Value Propositions

02 April 2024 Victoria Butt

Evp Report (1)

2024’s Essential Guide to Attracting and Retaining Top Talent (free download)


Uncertain How to Stay Competitive in the 2024 Talent Market?

This exclusive report delivers data-driven insights from over 74 executive interviews, 6,000 job seekers, and 12 research papers across 16 industries.

Inside, You’ll Discover:
  • Emerging EVP Trends: Learn about the latest strategies and the benefits they bring to your organisation.

  • Actionable Tips (Even on a Budget): Discover "quick wins" you can implement to improve your EVP, regardless of budget constraints.

  • The EVP Advantage: See how prioritising EVP translates to higher employee loyalty and engagement.


Is Your Organisation Struggling with:
  • Attracting top talent?

  • Fostering a positive culture and employee engagement?

Metrics Don't tell the Whole Story:

Many businesses solely rely on attrition and engagement metrics to gauge EVP success.

3 Types of Companies in the Talent Marketplace:

1.    10% Good place to work for the right people and leveraging it well.

2.    20% Not a good place to work but telling people it is.

3.    70% Pretty good place to work and getting better at telling their story.

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