Victoria Butt
Founder and Managing Director

Over the past 14 years, Victoria has built her recruitment career specialising in the global Banking, Commerce and Financial markets.  Beginning her professional career in London, Victoria spent five years honing her skills and building her extensive network, and was voted one of London’s top four recruiters before relocating to Sydney in 2008.  Victoria is passionate about recruitment, her business and the Product, Marketing and Communications industry, and has always worked with the personal belief that an equal partnership between an applicant, client and recruitment consultant really is the key to successful outcomes and client satisfaction.

Victoria has been relentless in her commitment to the professional development of her applicants and in advancing her clients’ knowledge.  Developing the Parity Plus value-add series is a continuation of Parity’s commitment to ‘add to people’.    With a BSC degree in Psychology and Business, Victoria’s extensive experience and passion for the industry sees her partnering with some of Australia’s leading Organisations.