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Parity Picks - Lorraine Thomas @ HCF - Event Highlights

Parity Picks   Lorraine Thomas

 Event Highlights

 15th March, 2021

The first instalment of Parity Picks is finally out! In this episode, our Founder and Managing Director, Victoria Butt, interviewed Lorraine Thomas, the Chief Officer of Product and Innovation at HCF. The two of them chatted about plenty of relevant topics - from how the future of work will continue to grow, to the importance of mentors, mental resilience, and so much more.
Besides both of them being from the UK, they are both self-professed champagne snobs. Blind champagne taste testing was the perfect activity for these two to do while having a friendly, but professional and inspiring conversation.
About Lorraine and Victoria
As you will see from the interview clips, Lorraine is a thoughtful, hard worker, who has a passion for doing and getting what she believes in. Before landing her current role, Lorraine worked her way up the insurance ladder, holding multiple senior level roles at multiple companies. On top of now being the CPO at HCF, she is also a wife, mother (of both kids and cats!), world traveller, and amazing friend. Read all about her story here.
Victoria is not only the Founder and Managing Director here at Parity, she is also a thought-provoking leader, wife, mother, and blogger. She is passionate about equality not only in the hiring process between the client, candidate and consultant, but also in supporting working parents on their return to the workforce. Victoria believes in life by design and has become extremely well-regarded in the recruitment space.
The Interview (and champagne tasting!)
There were many highlights and nuggets of gold from Lorraine during the interview, but here are a couple of our favourites:
  • The Future of Work - and what this looks like to Lorraine
In this first clip, Lorraine gives us her insight into how she thinks the future of work may look. While the past year has got us all thinking about the "post-COVID world", the future of how we work will continue to transform and grow way beyond that. Listen here to hear Lorraine's view:
  • Lorraine's Philosophy to live by at Work:
In this clip, you can hear the philosophy Lorraine prides herself on living by at work. Striving to always perform with integrity and authenticity are two critical aspects that she mentions, but watch the full clip to listen to her values direct from Lorraine!

  • Full Video Interview & Champagne Tasting!
We are sure you will find many motivating, relevant and stimulating pieces of brilliance in this interview, along with lots of laughs! Have a look and let us know what you think!
We hope you enjoy hearing about the career growth, insights and thought provoking learnings from Lorraine Thomas - stay tuned as we continue to showcase amazing executives throughout 2021-2022 through our Parity Picks event series (including Justin Howell from Pendal and Nicole Mathias-Browne from CFS!), featuring industry thought leaders, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions on who you would like to see as part of this series!
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