Marketing & Communications Recruitment

What is Marketing & Communications?

A Marketing professional is future focused and customer centric.  They know how to identify their audience and how to speak their language.  Marketing professionals enjoy unlocking the potential of ideas and future possibilities, potential collaborations or new avenues.  And they develop and lead the strategy to realise value for the business, its customers and the market.  Marketing professionals are brand champions, responsible for building and managing the business brand and its reputation, and ensuring the organisation’s audience are engaged.

Marketing Recruitment

Other responsibilities of a Marketing Manager may include:

  • Develop and implement go-to-market solutions
  • Develop marketing communications and campaigns to support agreed business strategies, including project plans, timelines and budgets
  • Project management of strategic Marketing and Communications initiatives across multiple channels and/or a range of target audiences in line with business objectives and
  • Acting as primary point of contact for the business for marketing needs and support

Marketing professionals have strong communication and interpersonal skills, and are able to collaborate between teams and across business units in order to attain business goals.   Marketing professionals are self-motivated, organised, energetic and creative in order to deliver innovative ideas to the business.


Why are we passionate about Marketing & Communications recruitment?

We recruit Marketing and Communications professionals because they are one of the fundamental drivers of any successful business.  Our Marketing Recruitment Consultants genuinely enjoy their daily interactions with Marketing professionals and always strive to learn new and innovative Marketing techniques driving value for their business.


Our Knowledge

Marketing and Communications recruitment is a fast evolving arena that keeps even the most technical and seasoned professionals on their toes.  We are at the forefront of marketing recruitment for the new age of Marketers and the challenges businesses face in keeping ahead of ever-changing technology and market demands.  We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge across the range of Marketing functions and the nuances between various Marketing departments within large organisations.  Our Marketing Recruitment Consultants regularly attend industry training courses and professional networking events to stay abreast of cutting edge innovation in the sector.