• Marketing Breakfast 2017 Key Takeaways – Getting a Seat at the Table

    Posted on : 31 Aug 2017

    As part of our Parity Plus value-add offering, we held our annual Marketing breakfast seminar on 22nd August.  Our seminar hosted a panel of industry leaders who spoke about the importance of marketing within a business and how marketing professionals can “get a seat at the table” and be included on advisory or executive leadership teams within the business structure.  The industry panel inc...

  • Marketing Seminar 2015 Key Takeaways – Building Powerful Brands

    Posted on : 20 Nov 2015

    Parity Consulting were proud to present their first ever Annual Marketing Seminar in October 2015 - "Building Powerful Brands from the 'Inside Out'", presented by Antony Wilson - Head of Brand at TAL Life. Fantastic presentation and discussion – here are the key highlights from the morning: Marketing Seminar Building Powerful Brands from the ‘Inside Out’ Presented by Antony Wilso...